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Chinese Sci-fi movies

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There is already a debate about sci-fi literature in Art and Literature section on this forum. What about Chinese sci-fi movies? Does anyone now what's worth seeing and what not?

Thanks! :mrgreen:

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Jack MacKelly

I really haven't seen much sci-fi from China

:help suppose Zu warriors from the Magic Mountain could be considered Science-fiction/Fantasy

There have also been many copied or translated versions of wars of the worlds - 火星与地球之战争

Janni Dushman and Tian Shi Meng might be considered another sci-fi fantasy film

Most sci-fi influence will come from the West, Japan anime or Hollywood. Sci-Fi in China hasn't really taken off yet, but China has the Milky Way Awards (awarded to the year's best science fiction stories as chosen by a panel of Chinese )

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  • 16 years later...

Let's revive this thread.

(16 years ago...😱 )


So, does anybody know about any decent Chinese sci-fi movie?


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the wandering earth 2019 is a good movie I think, or at least is not a bad one


It looks like armagedon or any 90's american sci-fi movie but with chinese flags everywhere

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