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I found this old (public domain) textbook recently. I've been putting the sentences from each lesson into Anki, along with notes explaining unfamiliar vocab or grammar points I find difficult. I've really enjoyed using it so I thought I'd share it with everyone.

There are 83 lessons in the book. It starts with really simple sentences like 衣食不足,工人不用力 in the first lesson, followed by selections from the classics (I've seen Confucius and Mencius so far after just a quick flip through). It seems like the main focus of the book is the "documentary style" of 文言 that was current at the time of publication, and the later, more advanced lessons are mostly in this style.

I hope someone else finds it useful, and I'd be interested in the opinions of others who are better in Classical Chinese than I am.

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Stuff like this is fun, thanks for posting it. Interesting to see the mention of differences between 'Pekingese' and 'Southern Mandarin' (in the pronunciation section).

I reckon the next 'How can I start learning Chinese' poster should get told this is the best and only resource he needs. See how he gets on . . .

Other cool stuff on archive.org has been turned up here. I still try to live my life in accordance with the guide to trade with China.

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