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The best way to tell a Chinese girl you like her..


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I just want the literal translation of saying "I like you, and want to spend more time getting to know you", rather than sounding like "I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you".

Consider "我覺得你很好,我跟你一塊兒很開心。" which literally doesn't say anything intimate, doesn't commit you to anything and is not demanding. But if the girl cares for you such a remark could be quite frustrating.

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Sky - I appreciate your help but I can't read the characters.

Also, thanks for your help everyone, I do appreciate it.

Can anyone tell me how to properly quote?

Also, sorry if my posts come up later than usual, I need to always wait on approval.

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I like you is something like: wu lao huxi nong

and you are beautiful is something like: nong lao haoku

What does the "lao" mean here in Shanghai-hua? Also - isn't there some standardized phonetic system for Shanghai-hua? anonymoose was using something like that in a different thread. It might help the OP verbalize what he wants to say or at least have some written reference.

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You can also say 我对你有意思, which is basically 'I like you' or 'I'm attracted to you', although, to be honest, I've never heard anybody say anything other than 我喜欢你. Since you already got the girl, it makes no difference. Congratulations and have fun!

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Oh and one more point: keep talking with her, also about your feelings and hers. Make sure that she understands what you mean by what you say to her, and vice versa, don't assume that she has the same feelings and acts on them the same way as women in your home country (and vice versa).

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I think what you want to ask is if you can start being more than normal friends.

Usually in the Cultural context, this is done by asking first if she has a boyfriend at the moment?

Xianzai ni you mei you nanpengyou?

Then you ask her out,( perhaps to see a movie/ or dinner as even in China they are seen as safe date type of things).

Xingqiwu wanshang, ru guo in you kong, Ni xiang gen wo qu (kan dianying)/( Chi wanfan) ma?

This should tell you one way or another and is the polite way to do it.

Good luck.

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