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Grand Comic Reading Project #3: Turn Left, Turn Right


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Welcome to the third installment of the Grand Comic Reading Project!

Chinese Title: 向左走,向右走

English Title: Turn Left, Turn Right / A Chance of Sunshine

Character Set: Simplified and Traditional

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Year of First Publication: 1999

Genre: Romance

Series Info: http://baike.baidu.com/view/1076567.htm (Chinese)

Read Online:

http://www.kanunu.org/article/jimmy2/works/2007/621.html (Simplified)

http://images.anime.xunlei.com/book/segment/14/13741.html (Simplified, larger images but no plaintext transcriptions)

Buy Online: http://www.books.com.tw/exep/prod/booksfile.php?item=0010393498 (Traditional)

Difficulty: Easy. Expect a lot of meteorology terms.


Online version ([email protected]): Perfect, since it is just plain text.

Online version ([email protected]): Good. The characters are a little blurry, but readable.

Offline version (Traditional): OK. Some of the characters are a little hard to make out.

Summary: A tale of two star-crossed lovers in the big city.

Page Count: 128

CBZ File: http://www.divshare.com/download/12682195-2ed (Traditional)

Word List: http://grandcomic.wi...B5%B0_Word_List

Word List File: (Available by November 1)

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Hmmm. Trying to read the traditional characters in the CBZ file, but the resolution of the images isn't quite high enough for me to make out all the strokes. I should've tried reading beyond the first several pages before posting it. Fair warning.

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This was a cool little story. It is very brief, so unless you are completely allergic to sappy, I suggest just giving it a shot.

I like how the story doesn't mess around too much. They set up the whole right/left thing, then you pretty much get climax/resolution in short order.

One question, this phrase from page one - "常常走在街上就有一种落泪的冲动." I read that as something like "people on the street often have the urge to cry." Is that right? It just seems a little melodramatic, so I feel like I'm missing something.

About the ending:

I actually thought it might end on a sad note. Not sure why I thought that. These types of things rarely do.

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Finally finished is a couple nights ago. Didn't quite do it in one evening like feihong said, but probably could have if I didn't start it at 9:30 PM.... The non-scanned text make it really easy, as I could just pop-up translate the words I didn't know. [so I'm assuming some one actually took the time to type in the entire text? Thanks!]

It was nice and sweet, but pretty much knowing how it had to end, and how many pages was left, did detract a bit. But I liked having the weather as a metaphor for emotions, not original I know, but still fun.

About the ending

I assume they did find each other again in the end, even though the last picture is divided into two "boxes", it looks like one scene? And the last text, 但是冬天总是会过去,春天总是会来···· seems to imply that as well (winter = being alone, spring = finding someone).

Moral: use waterproof ink.

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