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Stiwell and the American Experience in China


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I just finished a book written by Barbara Tuchmann on General Joseph Stiwell. The book uses his life to study Chinese American relations from the beginning of the century to the conclusion of WWII. It’s a great read - very informative on how great powers can completely misunderstand each other. In case someone needs background on Stiwell he spent many years serving in China in the 1920s and 30s. When the US entered WWII FDR sent him to coordinate US Chinese cooperation in the war against Japan. He met many frustrations. I highly recommend this one. If you have read it and have any opinions on it please share them.

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I read it, I liked it a lot.

Certain academics would feel it is a bit tough on Chiang Kai Shek though, as it pretty much buys Stillwell's own opinions. Some people believe Chiang's troops fought the japanese to a standstill while the communists did virtually nothing but propagandize.

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