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Flying the hump I.D. flag

Hans K

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The flag should be read top-to-bottom, right-to-left.

Here is my word-for-word translation:

來華助戰 - Lái Huà zhùzhàn - [This person who has] come to China to assist with the fight

洋人美國 - Yángrén Měiguó - [is a] foreigner [from the] USA

軍民一體 - jūnmín yītǐ - soldiers and civilians all concerned

救護 - jiùhù - [should] give first aid [to him]


航空委員會 - Hángkōng Wěiyuánhuì - Aviation Committee

字第1176號 - zì dì 1176 hào - pass number 1176 in the series

Edit: The Wikipedia entry referenced by abcedfg in the post below gives the translation as:

"This foreign person has come to China to help in the war effort. Soldiers and civilians, one and all, should rescue and protect him".

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Thanks Elliot

There is no odd phrasing in the direct translation , like Luftwaffe is air weapon directly translated .

I would love to rotate the image , but with my browser and iMac I have no permission to edit anything with only one post.

Edit complete on flag *****

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Looks like a "blood chit" flag. Quite an honor to have carried one in that campaign.


Some other relevant notes are in the "Chinese History" section of the forum.


Here's a snapshot of an aviator's jacket from the Kunming display mentioned in the older post.

post-20301-078638400 1288722467_thumb.jpg

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