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Installing a Chinese version of Windows - help!

Guest andrewsutton

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I have a laptop that was bought and raised in the UK. I now need to install Windows 2000 on it to get some software working properly (I currently have Windows Me). I have a Chinese CD ready to go, but I am worried that my system will have problems working with the Chinese version. Does anyone know about this?



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I haven't tried anything yet, though I will be installing from scratch if I do. I know that you can't upgrade from Me to 2000.

My current system can't work with Chinese file or folder names (it doesn't recognise their names properly, so it can't open them), though Chiense works fine for everything else on my computer. I wondered whether my computer's inability to handle Chinese for the basics of file management meant that trying to install Chinese windows would be hopeless.


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the operating system not your computer decides whether or not it supports chinese. If you install chinese windows, it will definitely support all operations involving chinese. every machine is basically the same at the hardware level, the localization is done with software such as your operating system.

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so, the answer is yes, your computer should be compatible with chinese win2k. Or, you can try microsoft' VirtualPC:


it gives you a virtual machine on top of your original operating system. That means, you can run win2k/winxp/linux as a program from your winME!

I am currently running winXP Pro, it has a setting to allow me to localize my windows to run different lanugage applications. However this little tool saves me rebooting time when changing between different locales (i.e. run native Big5 and GB programs at the same time on an English winxppro).


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