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Dictionary of Mandarn collocation


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I'm trying to find some sort of dictionary or index or Mandarin collocation (particularly for verbs). I.e., you can look up a verb and see what objects it takes most regularly, or look up a noun and see what verbs act on it. The aim of the book / text would be to help learners some more like natives in their choice of vocabulary.

I've had a look at '201 Mandarin Chinese Verbs' (ISBN 0764137611), and it seems to be kind of what I'm looking for as it does list collocations with each verb. However, it doesn't seem to be very comprehensive and only lists verbs. Does anyone have a recommendation? I'd be really grateful to hear about it.

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I've been hunting around quite a bit for such a thing without much luck. A lot of the online dictionaries don't even give classifiers with nouns, let alone provide comprehensive collocations. It's pretty frustrating.

I'd be really interested to hear about it if someone found this kind of resources, or even set one up online. It'd be quite hard to get the data set and computational tools to gather the collocations though.

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two days ago I bought the Oxford dictionary of collocation - English/Chinese dual language..

First impressions:

it is useful and it gives a number of example for each entry. I believe it has been written for Chinese people learning English, so the emphasis is on english language; however, this small disadvantage can also be turned into a useful tool, that is look up an english word and, through, the examples see how it gets translated into chinese, according to the various usages.

I have tried to buy the other dictionary that was suggested on this post, but could not find it anywhere and it appears to be out of print (but there again, this is only the bookstore lady that shrugged her shoulders with the usual, meaningless and uninformative sentences that start with ..ying gai...

I see that this dictionary is only in Chinese, so perhaps the Oxford (dual language) maybe more approachable.

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A good choice is Chinese Collocation Assistant,: http://cca.xingtanlu.cn/

It is a free online collocation search website just released. The target users are L2 Chinese learners. 

Collocations are extracted from over 100 Chinese textbooks and Chinese Wikipedia corpus.

Context sentences for each collocation are given and searching results can be ranked by their frequency.

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