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Hi! I am new here. I am in Jiamusi and am finishing up a year and a half. I am considering some job opportunities in Shanghi. I am looking for general salary information. I have a teaching background. I have a Masters degree as well. The jobs I am looking at are for software development companies working on language programs for businessmen as well as children. They are needing a native speaker. I have not even visited Shanghi yet so I am wondering about cost of living and general salary. I am 37 and single so want to live in an area that is not remote.

Thanks for reading!


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You're going to have a bit of trouble with the cost of living question, as it varies so much depending on your lifestyle. For example, Business Week ranked Shanghai the 28th most expensive city in which to live, but that assumes a Western ex-pat lifestyle. As soon as I post this, I'm going to have 20 people saying "that's so bogus, I live on YYY yuan per day!".

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Thats so bogus, I live on 5 yuan a day!

Okay, just had to do it. It really depends on what kind of lifestyle you want, and what you're making now. You also mention not wanting to live in an area that is remote, Shanghai is certainly not remote, but there are areas of it that are extremely boring. You should find out what area the company is located, the most "connected" area of Shanghai is puxi, in my opinion, the further you get the less connected you are. There is also another forum called shanghaiexpat, dedicated to people living in Shanghai.

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Hi! The job I am speaking of is with a software company. It is the job I will be applying for. I was just trying to get some info before I send them my salary requirements. Having been here for a little while I do know that I will be low balled initially and am trying to get a grasp of what the average is. I have been on line, which is where I found this site. Just investigating. Thanks.

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As for the salary....

From the people with whom I've spoken (mostly at non-Chinese global companies with a significant presence in China), for a "entry" level technical position (i.e. bachlors degree, little to no experience, no unusual skills), the local salary is about 1/4 - 1/3 of what it would be in the US/Canada/Western Europe. As the experience level increases, and/or if you have a special skill, that delta decreases. Someone with a more advanced degree and 10-15 years work experience can expect, say, 2/3 the salary. [These are all very very very rough numbers.] An experienced manager, or someone with very specialized technical skills, will potentially get more in China than outside.

"Native English speakers" counts as somewhat of a specialized skills.

it is much easier for you to find a job in language school to teach english

True. But so what? Do you think all foreigners want to teach English? Maybe the OP wants to do something different?

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one of my friend is 37 old, worked in the same company for more than 10 years, and his company is a very good one in local, as a program engineer, his salary is about 30,000RMB per month, considering other wwllfare about 400,000RMB/year.

hope the info above can help.

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