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Grand Comic Reading Project #6: Animal Sense


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过年好!Welcome to the sixth installment of the Grand Comic Reading Project! This one is in traditional characters, and it's about a high school girl who has animal ESP. This one's not just for kids though, stick with it and you'll see a surprising amount of action starting in volume 2.

Chinese Title: A.S.野性第六感

Japanese Title: アニマル・センス (Animaru Sensu)

English Title: Animal Sense

Character Set: Traditional

Country of Origin: Japan

Year of First Publication: 2006

Genre: Sci-Fi Animal Adventure

Series Info: (This series is so obscure that I can't even find a Japanese Wikipedia article for it!)

Read Online: http://www.dm5.com/Type.aspx?id=2952

Jump to first page: http://www.dm5.com/C...e2b4_page-3.htm

Buy Online: http://www.books.com...item=0010352301

Difficulty: Medium. Unsurprisingly, there are many animal words.

Legibility: Very good. Note that the scan quality of the CBZ files is slightly higher than the online version.

Summary: A high school girl suddenly discovers her latent ability to communicate with animals. Adventure ensues.

Page Counts: Volume 1: 183, Volume 2: 189, Volume 3: 189

CBZ Files: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3

Word List: Animal Sense Word List

Wiki Page: http://grandcomic.wi...ki/Animal_Sense

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I read through about half of volume 1 last night. Good fun. I am a sucker for a good Beast Master/Aquaman talking-to-animals story. I just skip the hard animal vocab (specific breeds of dogs, etc.). Even in Volume 1, it's got a bit of action and is more exciting than the cover (which is pretty awful) would lead you to believe.

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Yeah, it's really not a great cover. The covers for the other volumes are all terrible as well. Just in case it isn't clear, the story is really pretty focused on her animal ESP powers, and not on the fact that she is a cute girl in a school uniform. There are some school scenes, but they are pretty minimal.

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Just finished vol 2. Yeah, I know, really slow, currently I've had < 2 hr/wk for reading.

Still not sure what I think of it, but I do want to know how it ends, even though I'm pretty sure I can guess B)

Just a warning to anyone starting this: unlike the previous comics, this one isn't a bunch of (mostly) independent vignettes, rather all three volumes is basically one story. Not saying this is bad, but just be warned that once you start you're going to want to see how it ends.

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