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Hey, so we might be classmates! It starts the 28th of february, ends the last days of june.

Have you been able to get the sponsor letter? I have all my paperwork ready except for this, I don't know anyone in Beijing.

Which level will you be taking?

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For anyone on this forum who has studied Chinese at Beida and/or knows something about it, I'm still confused, even after reading all the threads, about the "Intensive Chinese Program" v. the Chinese language classes that you register for as a General Visiting Student.

Did anyone ever nail down why there was a price difference? Or whether there is a curriculum difference? And does PKU actually teach the Intensive classes, or do they bring someone else in to do it?

I'm finding their website extremely confusing. I'm getting the info about the Intensive Program from this site (http://hanyu.pku.edu.cn/EnIndex.aspx) and the info about what I guess I'll call the "regular" program at this site (http://www.isd.pku.edu.cn/elistnews.jsp?id=11).

Also, if anyone has gone through the Intensive Program, is it true that the fall semester runs from Aug 20-Dec 20 and the spring runs from Feb 20-Jun 20? (http://hanyu.pku.edu.cn/NewsBrowser.aspx?article=1509) If so, why the 2 month long break? It seems to be a completely different schedule from PKU's other classes, which usually run from Sep-Dec and then Jan-Jun.

If anyone has any answers or information, they would certainly be appreciated!

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