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I'm learning Classical Chinese for two weeks and i have to translate this following text but i have some problems because i'm just beginning it, so it would be great if you can help me with the counter senses I could have made and the few sentences i didn't understand :/ (i have also translated into English for you to help me, then sorry if i made some grammar mistakes)


In the middle of era Taiyuan, in Jin's dynasty, there was a Wulin's man whose job was to be a fisher.


He followed the creek by foot, forgetting the distant path.

忽逢桃花林,[…] 复前行,欲穷其林。

Suddenly, he saw a blossom peach forest, [...] He continued to walk, wanted to go right to the end of this forest.

林尽水源,便得一山。山有小口 […] 。 从口入。

Once arrived at the end of the forest, there was the source of the creek, coming from a mountain. There was a little cave in the mountain. He entered in the cave.


At the beginning it was very narrow, just enough for one man. He walked again for ten steps, it was opened and lightened.

土地平旷,[…] 有良田美池 […]。其中往来种作,男女衣着,悉如外人。

The ground was wide and flat, [...] there was a beautiful pond and a virtuous land. In the middle of it, there were backwards and forwards to cultivate, ...., all as strangers.

[…] 见渔人,乃大惊 […]。村中闻有此人,咸来问讯。

..., so it's a great surprise... In the middle of a village, people learned to have it... They all came to be informed.


He thoughts that the previous generations have avoided the trouble during the Qin, ...


...., then if for the Han we don't know, there are no doubt for the period Wei-Jin.



Thanks for your help.

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