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Chinese zodiac - before the Republic


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Hey everyone. Gotta question about the Chinese zodiac. Back before China was unified, I understand that the animals in the zodiac differed from province to province...I.E. the rooster is also the phoenix. Is there anywhere or anyone who could tell me the variations of the animals? Or at least point me in the right direction, I can't find a thing on the internet. The reason I ask is because I'm doing a project for my Taekwondo class (yes, I know it's Korean, but I like the Chinese zodiac concept), personifying a person's zodiac symbol and element in a drawing...and I like options. Haha, so anyway, if anyone could help me out, I'd very much appriciate it.

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The rabbit in the Chinese zodiac is often referred to as the cat in some areas of China. But the rabbit is more accepted. If you refer to the Buddha story of how the 12 animals were created, the cat fell in the river and finished 13th place.

Pig is sometimes called boar; Sheep is sometimes called ram or goat

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that's really a funny question

here we go.. when the premier of qin---zhaogao gained power, he wanted that all officials had to follow him without any different attitude. so once time, he pointed to a deer and said to the emperor before all officials, this is a horse. the emperor didn't believe that, and then zhao said, if you didn't trust me you can ask others, however everyone said, yes this is a horse, not a deer. that's the famous story called point to deer to make it a horse...(指鹿为马)

before that, the deer in the chinese zodiac became to horse, that's the origin of the horse in chinese zodiac.

i only know this story about chinese zodiac.....

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