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Need Help with Fudan.


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So here is my Fudan post as I have already seen quite a few.

I was born in Russia, Blagoveshchensk and moved to USA. I am now a USA citizen but plan on becoming a Chinese citizen hopefully in future.

My family is from Royal Czar Family of Russia well...was. My family escaped in Heihe to Harbin back to Russia I still in fact have family in China that are citizens.

Well I want to go to Fudan University my Girlfriend is already enrolled in Fudan University. I have a special interest in Fudan University overall it seems like a very fantastic school to me. The ammount of dedication and effort I have put into trying to graduate this year and study for exams is amazing. I have come along way just to work to hopefully be accepted to Fudan University.

My SAT score is :1556 although I took this last year and am taking the test again hopefully to get a 1700-1800. I want to be a doctor when I grow up and was interested into the MBBS program. I plan on moving to China in May this year for good. Hopefully this will increase my chances in getting accepted. My Chinese is excellent and I have been told by mainlands that my accent is amazingly proficient. I have been studying Chinese language since I was 5. I know Japanese, Korean, Russian, Hmoob, French, Chinese, and Thai. My average GPA was okay for some time in my High School year. Not the best but my Test Scores are excellent. I have money for tuition I want to know from the community what is my probability of getting accepted and what hints and tips should I be given. Also I get my Diploma in May our schools graduates in May do I still have chance of Applying for Fudan because it asks for Diploma which I have not got yet. I went on Fudan website and see that the Application date is April- May. Thank you for helping me in getting accepted into my Dream College.

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Hi there,

Well now it's 2012 I see you posted last year... How did it go? Did you get into Fudan? I have been accepted to Fudan University for this year's September semester. The diploma they mean is a grade 12 certificate, IGCSE or GCSE...which I used. What are/were you looking to study at Fudan. I hope you were able to join your girlfriend at Fudan :)

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