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List of Modern History Terms in Chinese


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I've just been informed that I have to sit an entry test for the MA program I want to get into. I've been told the content will cover Chinese history from 1840 forward.

While I'm quite fluent in modern Chinese history in English, I've really only just started learning all of the corresponding terms in Chinese. Since the test will be completely in Chinese, I'm a bit of a disadvantage with only five days to study.

My main problem is that events don't always translate in an obvious fashion. For example, I'd never know just by looking at the Chinese that 马关条约 is the Treaty of Shimonoseki, or that 九一八事变 is the Mukden Incident. Some terms like 卢沟桥事变 are discernible, granted you know what the Chinese for Marco Polo is.

What I need is a list of relevant terms and vocabulary. This could include important people, events, etc.

I tried searching for 高考 resources, but I'm getting a mix of 古代 and 近代 questions, when all I need is the 现代、近代、当代 stuff. I also need online resources as I don't have time to order any books.

Anyone who has anything that can help me better prepare for this would be my savior. I don't need to necessarily cram right now, as I already have the information in my head. My problem is that the information is mostly in English. I need to know the big Chinese equivalents in order to reference things correctly.

Thanks in advance!

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How about reviewing these timelines below. Five days is really not that much time. Good luck!







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Are there, or have there been, other foreigners on this course? This sounds suspiciously like the kind of stunt they might pull if they don't want to flat out refuse to take you on, but are quite keen to come up with some reason not to. Good luck, anyway.

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Great idea. I never thought to search for time lines.

This whole registration process with them has been a mess. I was first told they didn't have a history major. When I went to speak to the woman in charge in person (after she stopped returning my emails, and with the CSC deadline looming), she told me they did, I was told I would take the test online (since she was pretty sure I'd fail a written exam).

The woman on the phone just now told me they don't have the major, but I could study the next closest thing, which is Marxist ideology (!!!!???). I told her that doesn't do me any good, and she mentioned the possibility of 自学, but that I'd need to take the exam before we could discuss anything further.

Anyway, I'm done ranting for now. A couple days to 背 these terms is all I need. Knowing what to 背 is the struggle.


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This sounds suspiciously like the kind of stunt they might pull if they don't want to flat out refuse to take you on, but are quite keen to come up with some reason not to.

Quite the contrary, I flat out told her I wasn't interested in studying Marxist ideology and that it didn't fit in with my long-term plans. She went out of her way to explain how studying Marxist ideology was very similar to studying modern history (bwahahaha!)

I'm pretty sure HIT is keen on:

1. Bolstering their foreign student body, particularly with higher-level degrees

2. My money

I'm taking the test for kicks. I'm pretty sure I could do quite poorly and they'd still let me in (for the above reasons). However, I won't pay out of my own pocket to study anything that isn't exactly what I want. I may entertain the idea if CSC does it. Even then, I wouldn't be completely interested.

I'm more interested in the self-study option if a formal program doesn't exist.

What really peeves me about this is that I was told the major existed before I sent away my scholarship application. If I had known it didn't exist before, I would have put down my choice as a different school and program.

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