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Living off campus in Shanghai

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I'm moving to Shanghai this fall to study at Fudan Uni. Thing is I do not want to live on campus, and me and a couple of friends are trying to find a place with 4-5 bedrooms to live in. Either that or we will split up in maybe two different places. But we are not sure where to start looking for a place. So I have a couple of questions:

Do you know any good websites for finding rental listings?

Which districts do you recommend I should look in? For example is Changning very far away? I'm willing to take public transportation.

Can you recommend any complexes?

If I wait to find something until I move down this august, will it be hard to find somewhere to live?

Anything else I should know about?


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It would be helpful to know why you do not want to live on campus. What are your objectives? Are you trying to save money? or are you trying to find a Chinese environment to live in? If you want a good environment you should check some of the webpages for Chinese people looking to rent out a room in their apartment.

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Changning is fairly far away. You could get to a metro station near Fudan probably within about 30-40 minutes from Changning, but then it will be another 15-20 minute walk from the metro station to the campus.

Whilst there are websites advertising apartments, you're probably better off deciding on the approximate location you'd like to live when you get here, and then just go into a (or a few) local estate agents. It shouldn't be too difficult to find something relatively quickly, although you'll probably have to look around a few apartments before you find something suitable. If need be, find a Chinese person to help you. You're also less likely to get ripped off with the rent.

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Changning is indeed fairly far, if you have morning class especially. Best is to find a place in Yangpuqu since Fudan is located in Guoding Lu.

4-5 bedrooms? Why 4 or 5? I havent ever seen an apartment so big, so you probably will need to find two separate apartments. You can either search the web prior to arriving, or arrive, live in a hotel for a day or two, then find your apartment through agencies which can be found anywhere.

Price anywhere in Shanghai should be roughly 1500-2000 per bedroom, depending on the quality. Though guessing if you are living in a really bad place, 1000 would be normal....websites ask for a lot more, especially if its in English, because they know they can ask for more from foreigners, so then it might be more than 2000.

When do you arrive in Shanghai? I might still be in Shanghai and be able to help you.

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