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Gyms in Shanghai


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I'm thinking of relocating to Shanghai for some time, but one of my main requirements is a good gym facility.

Can anyone let me know if there is one? I can't find much information online.

My requirements are:

Squat rack with olympic bar and weights that go pretty high (at least 10 available plates (45lb/20kg) to use

Bench with similar equipment as squat rack


Rowing machine

Last two are optional, but preferred. Also, a pool would not go unused...

Any help is much appreciated!

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I don|t know about Shanghai, but here in Beijing most universitys do have a gym(should be the same in shanghai). So if you allready know where you will be living check if there is a university nearby.

I mean the equipment you are asking for is pretty basic and nearly every gym should have that stuff, isn't it ?

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I would be attending university in Shanghai, so hopefully that rule holds true for there as well.

While the equipment I need is very basic, from my 2 days of googling trying to find an answer to this question, the only answer I seemed to come across is that China's gym facilities are severely lacking. I'm hoping this isn't the case!

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I go to a fairly large (20-25 treadmills etc) and expensive non-university gym that's located in perhaps the most expensive area of Harbin. However, the place seriously lacks weights/plates! If u plan to squat 200 kg, u'd have to collect most of the plates in the entire gym.

I've never been to other gyms in China so I can't claim this would be the case in all of them but might be worth checking anyway.

Also, the dumbbells are not what they claim to be! If it says 30 kg, it feels something like 15. Maybe this is done to boost the morale?

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I went to California Fitness in Huaihai Lu. Good service, good location, lots of space, clean machines and no staff smoking in the gym lol. However on the downside it was extremely expensive at 4000RMB per year and there was no swimming pool! I decided not to renew the contract after hearing you can get normal gym memberships for around 2000RMB.

If price and no swimming pool is not an issue, I would definitely recommend it!

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Hi guys, I'll be coming to shanghai to study at ECNU. You guys know if there is a gym at ECNU? I have a site map of the campus and I can't see a gym there, only a swimming pool! 


@titan, I know you posted here a loooooong time ago, but on the off-chance that you will see this, what gym did you end up going to?


I'm probably going to ECNU in the fall, and this is somewhat important to me as well, so I wanted to see what solid gyms would be available near ECNU?

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