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I would like to start a degree in any university in Nanjing. Since I don't speak Chinese (I'm willing to learn), I don't really have too many options. I only found one bachelor's degree of Interest (in all Nanjing) that is taught in English. The only condition is that I have to enroll at a Chinese language course too.

The course of International Business is at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. I would just like to know if that is a good University, or if there's more options for someone that does not speak Chinese and wants to study a business/economics related degree...


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for business / economics, i think NUAA maybe is not a good choice. you can try to apply for nanjing university or southeast university!... i think NUAA tends toward engineering and science!..hope to helpful you..

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If you are from a Western or otherwise developed country, and plan to work abroad (i.e. outside China) or for a multinational company, studying for a degree in China is probably not a good idea. It is best to get a degree in the country to work in or, if you plan to work at a multinational company, get a degree from a respected US university.

If your end goal is to do business/work for a company in China, it might be worth it to study Chinese first and then apply to study business at a good university, so as to increase your chances of getting a job. Keep in mind that even if you have a degree from the top schools, you'd still have to compete against native graduates who may be better qualified because of cultural competencies, etc.

As far as I know, the best business/economics universities in Nanjing in order of superiority are Nanjing University (by far the best), Nanjing University of Finance & Economics and South East University.

Hope this helps!

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South east or Dongnan has an English language business course, but I am not sure if it is an undergraduate or MBA style course.

It has quite a few European and affluent African Students there.

Nanjing university have JV with the John-hopkins university to provide a 1 year certificate program or 2 year Masters program both at US prices.

You can do a BA in Nanjing Univeristy but you have to take 1-2 years (think 2) of languages classes to get to HSK 6 level and then 3-4 years of a BA degree. (which are tiring, reading and large lecture intensive classes for most majors) most class's grades are based on one final essay and multiple choice exam at the end of the year. (unless you negotiate some other measurement like essays.)

There are more english language programs in HK,Shanghai and Beijing if you're looking for something easier you might think to look at those city's Universities.

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thanks.. I actually knew that i have to have hsk6.. I like Nanjing because it's supposed to be affordable to live there, and it's a historical city.. I'd rather do my degree and study Chinese at the same time. Otherwise, I think it'll take longer.

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Hey guys,

I was also interested in starting business at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, but not in need to be an English conducted course. I am still doing research though.

Does anyone know Nanjing Universities reputation in order to rank a top 5?

Thx for the help!

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1) NJU

2) Dongnan

Those are the clearly the 2 bestas they are 985 and in that order.

The other universities differs yearly I'd say but as long as they are in Project 211, they are quite good.

One way to check ranking is just look at the college entrance extam scores for each school, although that changes yearly, but the general rank is similar.

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Flying Pigeon

"Well, you could always google it... "


Or you could be helpful and answer her question. But maybe you aren't too sure either.

Always get a kick out of reading "Google it" on message boards. Kinda defeats the purpose of a forum, no?

You seem to be a fount of knowledge (and run-on sentences), so why not share it?

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