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can someone help me identify this film?


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ok, this is going to be a tough one.

now, i moved to the UK when i was 6, but when i was in china, and in my early years in england, i saw quite a few chinese films, that, for some indeterminable reason, have made a really big impression in my brain, and i really want to track them down.

i say there's a few, i've already located a couple, such as New Dragon Gate Inn, and also, Thousand Pieces Of Gold.

but, there is one that i really want to track down and watch. it's a chinese film, and i'm pretty sure it's in Mandarin, although whether it was dubbed over, i don't know. i was about 5 when i watched it. i'll just tell you everything i know about it:

it's about the life of this women.

she has a child, i think it's a boy, but then i also think it's a girl, so i don't know

in the film is featured the song "ma ma hao" (you know, the one about how if you don't have a mother, you're like a blade of grass?)

in the end of the film, she falls down some stairs in an outside pagoda or something and "goes dumb" (like they do SO many times in old chinese films... ya fall down, ya break your brain.) and she only has this panda that she cuddles and thinks it's her child.

some time in film, it's the woman's birthday, and her kid says, "i have a present for you" and asks her to close her eyes. when she opens them, the kid just has his/her hands out and says something like "these are my presents to you. i'm gonna help you do work"

that's all i remember at the moment. i know i've written an essay, but if anyone can help i'd appreciate it so much.

thank you! :D


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Well, if there's one place you might be able to find an answer to this question, it'll be on Moebius Home Video Forum's Asian Cinema Discussion Page (whew, that's a lot of capital letters):


You'll have to register with the Forum as it is moderated, but all sorts of cinephiles hang out there (there are forums for all genres of film).

Full disclosure: my best friend is one of the moderators.

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Bravo, Quest...and applicable apologies for any appearance of underestimating the breadth of knowledge on this forum. From the posted link, I wonder how "old" this movie is (and, by extension, how old the OP must be)...it didn't appear to be that old of a movie. I guess I was thinking from my perspective, which is making me feel positively aged as I write this.

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wow, lots of replies!

thanks Quest and everybody else who replied! it's a great help! :D so, how old is this film? i remember seeing it in China, so when i was younger than 7, and it was, like, the only time i'd ever been in a chinese cinema... and i remember thinking it was a cry-ey film.

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Hi! I’ve been searching these two films I’ve seen in Starworld cable channel back in the 90’s.

First film is about a develepmentally challenged man whose lives with his mum and eventually his mum died and he was put in prison, and the song 世上只有妈妈好 was played at the end.The.actor was chubby andI think was a famous actor.

Second film is like an old-fashoined chinese film with all the costumes, and the main actor was killed in the first few scenes of the film,he was murdered by some gang through strangulation of a telephone wire, and his spirit passed through the wire and went to this chinese opera house where he met this young lady who he keeps on pestering to help him with his murder.Basically a rom antic ghost story.

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