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Confucius Institute Scholarship 2011


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Hi guys,

Wondering if anyone else is having major problems with submitting the online part of the Confucius Scholarship application this year? Or, has anyone had experience with this before?

We've been told that all our hard copy paperwork will be rendered useless if our online submission doesn't go through. We told our Irish COnfucius Institute director and also all individually emailed hanban about it but so far, the response has been very hit and miss, including one response from hanban saying that the application process had not yet begin for 2011, despite many classmates having already successfully submitted the online part.

A lot of us are really hoping to get this scholarship yet, at the moment, feeling a bit lost of what to do now.

Any comments or suggestions would be great.



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I have a question. I put the study duration for the year long program as 2011-08 to 2012-7. apparently it is supposed to be 2011-9 to 2012-8. Will i be penalized for putting teh supposed wrong date or an i just worrying about nothing? Thank you for your help.

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I got my information from the main website which says;

The recommended institutes are required to send the application materials for the Scholarships for Four-Week Study to Hanban, and other application materials to host institutes chosen by the applicants by May 31st. Evaluations for admission will be made by the host institutes and the results will be submitted to Hanban along with copies of the applications by June 10th. Hanban will organize an expert panel to make the final selection by June 20th. Applicants may check the application process and their results at any time through the recommended institutes or the Confucius Institute Scholarship website. The host institutes are required to send “Admission Notice”, “Enrollment Instructions”, “Visa Application Form for Foreigners to Study in China" (JW202 Form) and other related materials to the applicants through the recommended institutes by July 10th.

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OK. A few of our teachers here told us that they pretty much have the final decision in who gets scholarships, i.e. they know us better than hanban headquarters, therefore, they should know who is more deserving of the scholarship. I'd be a bit more confident about getting my scholarship like that....but then, it's also a bit unfair to think that even though hanban might approve my application, my university might decide to give 'my' scholarship to someone else. Weird right? Do your universities have the same process?

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I just got my result today!

I applied for a 4 week summer scholarship by 31.5.11 deadline online and the head of my Kongyuan called me today to say I got it. So I have to go in tomorrow to sign some forms and they also want me to say which uni I want to go to, but I have no idea how much "choice" I will really have.

Does anyone have experience with this?

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Just find this forum.

Want to ask you guys,

After you submitted the application form in online (cis.chinese.cn) what you did to the form that you printed out?

did you guys sent it to your univ?

because i sent it to my univ. and got a called yesterday and they ask whether i can get a HSK test for level 2.

and if i cant get the certificate, that means i cant get the scholarship.

anybody happen to be like me?

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They(Hanban) said that 60 hours of classes or HSK 2 score of 120 were required in order to apply. I have only taken HSK level 1 but I have more than 60 hours and my application has been received by hanban so I really don't know how to handle your case.

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So, you mean that you are only got HSK lv 1 now?

Do you get notified for HSK lv 2?

How do you manage to use your 60 hours of classes for the exchange of the HSK lv 2?

How do you make sure that your application has been received by Hanban?

Sorry for my lot question. since i'm kind of confused with the procedure that my agency told me.

And their solution, is go get HSK exam lv 2.

But in my country, the result will take about 3months after the exam, which is Oct. while the enroll will be in Sept.

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i just went into my kongyuan to sign some "urgent" papers for the scholarship. the teacher that i had to see (not mine, but one of the kongyuan teachers) let slip that they had 4 scholarship places and just chose themselves which students to give it to.

RE: my question of the other day about choosing a university, basically there is a list. I was a bit overwhelmed by the list and asked a few of the kongyuan teachers to help me, they basically said "up to you" in a non commital way by saying the positives etc of all. In the end they admitted that if I chose beida it would be almost impossible to get so i just chose dongbei unis in the end and will see what ends up happening.

also, they dont know whether hanban will email me or mail in post (seems unlikely i would have thought), or whether or not even the kongyuan will be notified (?!?!) with my final destination and info. As I am heading to china in a couple of weeks I explained i wouldnt be at home to get mail :-0 ahhhh china life its started again already.....

good luck to you guys, but i dont know if my experience is true of all kongyuans though!

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Why you apply for 4weeks only? why not try to get for the whole year?

My agency say this year will be kind of difficult, but after hearing in this forum, i thought it not really like that.

As long as we go through with their requisition.

Never thought the HSK will be important matter for this application, I thought we can start from a zero level, trying to learn chinese basic properly.

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Hongputtaojiu, I have a similar experience to you. Our students usually go to our universities sister uni but I choose a better uni. I told everyone in our kongyuan about my choice and kept them updated. they told me the same thing...if you go to a different uni, it will be very difficult to get a scholarship. I thought it was ok because I got top results and even won our national Hanyu Qiao competition this year. After that, the Kongyuan supported me to choose anywhere. Yesterday, the director came to me and said there might be some serious problems with my application! But, what an I do now? All my paperword is in my choosen university? I only hope that our Kongyuan just let my continue. They gave me such poor guidance.

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