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Summer School 2011 at Fudan Uni.


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I'm going to learn Mandarin at the Fudan University this Summer, July only, and just got the admission letter from the school today along with a notice for the new students. However, I'm still confused with some stuff there such as the accommodation and the textbook fee...

Wondering if did anyone take the course before and would like to answer my questions here:

Q1: Should I book the room online before going there? if I want to have double beds bed, should I find someone who would like to share room with me first? (let me know if any one of you would like share room with me, girl only plz.)

Q2: As I know, students are going to buy some textbooks on day 2, but would it be cheaper if I buy them at the other book shop by myself (my conversational Chinese is ok)?

*** BTW, if there's anyone of you are going to Fudan U this July, plz let me know, maybe we can take the taxi from airport together :)

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I'm also going to be studying Mandarin in Fudan this summer and I was told that it wasn't too hard to set up living arrangements when we get there (supposedly living in a hotel the first day or so).

There are dorms, but depending on whether I like it or not, I'm considering Tohee International Students Village (Tohee.com).

P.S. I'm a girl, but I must ask are you a student?

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I'm applying to Fudan right before the deadline. Will be walking my application into the office. If you've got specific questions I can ask them for you.

Azee >> Do you know any other off-campus student housing like Tohee (I don't care if they cater to international or Chinese)? Also, do you know if these off-campus dorms go by any other name, especially in Chinese, so I can ask locals around Fudan if they know any.

All in all, I'll be around Fudan in a few weeks. Will be asking the school about housing as well as scoping out alternative options around Fudan. I'll give a field report if theres anything noteworthy.

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Azee, Thank you for useful info especially the website.

For ur Q about whether I'm a student, my answer is Sort of. Since last year I didn't go to school, will be back to school this Sept. btw, im a girl 2.

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guys, one more thing, I just asked the staff of the Tohee, and they said all the rooms are full. and then i asked the director/staff of the summer school she said they already reserve the rooms for all students....

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Im also going to study at Fudan this summer.

I hired a study abroad company to deal with all the documentations and stuff and they said that my room was reserved.

Reading the post from MSWU it makes sense now.

Do you guys know how much the textbooks are?

what about the arriving? should we go directly to the dorm or to the office?

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Sorry for the not checking this sooner!

But Ms Wu sounds about right: we have rooms reserved for us, however, I hope there is no curfew system as there are with many university dorms in Asian countries.

Also Ifbsc, I don't know if we're in the same program but this is the information for the July-August course so I'm guessing we ask to move into the dorms first.



报到注册Registration 9:00- 17:00 复旦大学, 邯郸路220号,光华楼东辅楼4楼409室

Room 409, Guanghua Building(East Sub-building), No. 220 Handan Road, Fudan University




9:00分班测试Placement Test 复旦大学, 邯郸路220号,光华楼东辅楼5楼和4楼

The Fifth and Fourth Floors, East Sub-building of Guanghua Building, 220 Handan Road, Fudan University

14:00 师生见面, 购买教材, students and teachers meet in classes; buying textbooks

15:00 老师带领游览校园, campus tour guided by teachers"

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