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Grand Comic Reading Project #11: Love Sketchbook

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Welcome, again, to another installment of the Grand Comic Reading Project! Love Sketchbook (爱,速写) is a pretty straightforward romance from Shanghai-based artist Chaiko. This is one of our shortest selections, at only 63 pages with minimal dialogue. Therefore it's a pretty good jumping-in point for lower-level readers who don't mind traditional characters.

Sample Pages

post-38695-031302300 1304564698_thumb.jpg post-38695-010157900 1304564706_thumb.jpg post-38695-038336800 1304564712_thumb.jpg

Read Online:

Parts 1-6: http://www.kanunu.org/article/pic/comic/200707/552.html

Parts 7-9: http://www.kanunu.org/article/pic/comic/200707/553.html

Read Offline (CBZ File): All 9 parts in one file

Word List: http://grandcomic.wikia.com/wiki/Love_Sketchbook_Word_List

Page Count: 63 pages

Summary: A young woman reconnects with an old friend, in the most elegant and minimalist way possible.

Chinese Title: 爱,速写

English Title: Love Sketchbook

Character Set: Traditional

Country of Origin: China

Year of First Publication: 2007

Genre: Romance

Series Info: Webcomic

Buy Online: N/A

Difficulty: Easy

Legibility: Good

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Finished it yesterday. As you said, pretty quick read. Although, I have to say, I'm not sure I really followed the story.

I liked the drawings. I assume they aren't actually real water colors, just make to look that way? [Liked it, that is, except for the impossibly long and slender fingers on the women; I know some think it's elegant, I think it's creepy.]

So the artist is from Shanghai, the story takes place in Beijing, but yet it uses traditional characters?

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I think it's part of a larger story, but these 9 chapters stand on their own relatively well. The book which contains the full story is advertised on the artist's site, but I can't find any online stores that sell it.

I believe it's digitally painted, but I don't have a good enough eye for that sort of thing to say for sure.

Yeah, I don't know why a mainland artist would want to use traditional characters. I guess he just likes them more. And as far as I know just about every educated adult on the mainland can get by while reading traditional characters.

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I'm a little behind in the comic projects. Just read this one. Very pretty. I had to read/flip through it a few times to get my bearings. There were only four characters, but you saw them so little it was hard for me to keep track. 爱,速写 is a good title because it feels like quick glimpes. I enjoyed it in the same way as a music video.

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