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Chinese Dramas

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One thing I learned from Japanese study - I really like to watch a good L2 drama with L2 subtitles for 30-60 min,

then watch it again with L1 subtitles. For me, this is a lot more pleasant than looking up words, or just being

confused about the content. So I try to get dramas with L1 and L2 subtitles. These are pretty easy to find with

Japanese. Thank you D-addicts.

But Chinese is a different story. D-addicts has a few dramas with mandarin and English subtitles, but most of those are

Taiwan dramas. These are a nice break sometimes, but I want my main thrust to be mainland speech. Does anybody

know where I can find Mainland China dramas in mandarin with both Mandarin and English subtitles? I'm specifically

looking for shows set in modern times, about real life (no magical warriors, etc). I'm familiar with the first episode

project, but I haven't been able to find English subs for those dramas. D-addicts has quite a few Chinese dramas with

English subtitles, but not many with both. so maybe its just a matter of me finding the same Mandarin shows with Mandarin

subtitles elsewhere.

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I found this eBay store in my bookmarks with description: Follow me in Chinese Series - 121 Chinese MOVIES with English and Chinese subtitles. Region 1 DVD. 巴山夜雨 Evening Rain with Li Zhiyu.

Looking there today, at least some titles are any region DVDs or VCDs.

On this youtube channel, at least 《花腰新娘》The Flower Yi Bride has both Chinese and English subtitles (on screen at the same time.)

Maybe you could look on crunchyroll or dramastyle, though I've only looked at Korean drama there.

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The King's Woman


This is the first TV drama in Mandarin that I’m actually enjoying on its own merits and would recommend to others. All episodes are available on YouTube and you can toggle subtitles off and on in different languages.


I'm around halfway through the series, which is from last year, and I've just written a post about it.


There was an ancient king who was merciless yet philanthropic, a despot and a visionary, and who shed oceans of blood to bring peace to the world. He was the King of Qin, originally the prince Ying Zheng, and he sought to unite the “entire world” by force.

That is the paradoxical story of unparalleled historical significance that Chinese videos have told me again and again. Hero and The Emperor and the Assassin are examples of great Chinese films that gravitate around the same historical drama, which led to the rise of the ancient Chinese nation through the bloody unification of six kingdoms. The king of one of those realms, Qin, is the indispensable personality—sometimes a villain and sometimes a hero—often both simultaneously.

The King of Qin is not usually the main character, but he is always a powerful and conflicting figure without whom the rest of the story would make little sense.

Currently I’m watching a drama, a 2017 TV series that resembles the abovementioned films [Read more]

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