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Help with quite a hard sentence


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Hey everyone,

I came across this sentence(in bold) in a book called 吴城日记which is a qing dynasty work, but cant really make sense of it. Basically the whole paragraph this is taken from is about doing sacrifices in a Confucian temple.


饩羊 cant really mean sheep here, as after that only pigs and cows are donated, so what does it mean? Has it something to do

with the chengyu 告朔饩羊? ANd then what does 遗意 mean?

Thanks a lot for any help.

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semantic nuance

This is what I found on the internet:





1.死者生前或临终时的意见﹑愿望。 2.指前人的心愿﹑意见。 3.前人或古代事物留下的意味﹑旨趣。

My guess is the war has not ended yet, so we only keep the ritural (饩羊 ) as the ancient did, we use pigs, and cows as sacrifices instead.

Hope it helps!

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