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Grand Comic Reading Project #13: Yamikagishi


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Welcome to the latest selection from the Grand Comic Reading Project! Yamikagishi is a Japanese action comic set in ancient Tokyo (then known as Edo). Our intrepid hero is a handsome and well-known locksmith whose assistant is a female fortune teller. Together, they battle the forces of darkness by sealing demons that make their way into the mortal realm. I think a few volumes were made, but only the first is available online in Chinese.

post-38695-028446800 1309975595_thumb.png post-38695-073913800 1309975607_thumb.png post-38695-003673000 1309975616_thumb.png

In terms of difficulty, I think it's a bit harder than Ranma. Text density is not very high, so that makes things a little easier.

Read online: http://www.iibq.com/comic/82012128736/

Jump to first page: http://www.iibq.com/comic/82012128736/viewcomic130857/

Read offline (CBZ file): http://www.divshare.com/download/14727135-68a

Profile: http://grandcomic.wikia.com/wiki/Yamikagishi

Word list: http://grandcomic.wikia.com/wiki/Yamikagishi_Word_List

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Finished this last night. Liked the story, too bad there are not more. I might read the English version. Also note that the scan quality is excellent; after (trying to) read the traditional version of Town of Evening Calm, I really understand the importance of scan quality. Not only is it much more pleasant to read, but for learners bad scans can be impossible to read at parts.

I do have a question. On page 142 (warning: slightly NSFCS!), the lower right box, is there a type-o? It says "錬條",

should that be "鏈條"?

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I agree, good scan quality is very important, at least until one starts to recognize characters by their general shape rather than by their strokes (personally I'm not quite there yet).

I think 錬條 is just a Taiwanese variant of 鏈條. Typing it into Google.tw gives a bunch of results, so if it's a typo than a lot of people have made that typo.

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