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Chinese Dating Show 非诚勿扰


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It can be quite funny but, and now I'm spoiling it for you all, it's pretty staged.

Yeah, it's essentially a panel show based around dating.

It can still be fun and it's a good way to figure out what young people are like today.

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What gato said - stuff on stage is not rehearsed or planned. But yes, they do try to go with certain story lines, particularly when they do the videos and edit them as they see fit. I seem to remember that my friend was pissed that they had decided to cut out mundane stuff like his interest in 功夫 (he's quite good actually) and focus instead where he's from in the U.S., and that he drinks. In fact, they focused a lot on the fact that he makes his own drinks and owns liquor bottles...

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Watched a few episodes of this on Singapore airlines flight yesterday, laughed a lot, very nicely fits my level.

I looked at this some time ago but now it seems like that have a lot more foreigners on the show.


Anyone have a recommended method for downloading?  I prefer it to streaming.  

Sounds like figuring out how to download from Youtube is the only way.

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I'm suprised that many people on this forum like this show, since it's a girl's show. :P


Premise 1: all people on the internet are male

Premise 2: chinese-forums.com is a website on the internet

Premise 3: males can't like shows that are designated "girl's shows"

Premise 4: 非诚勿扰 is a girl's show


From 1 and 2, we can see that all people on chinese-forums.com are male. From 3 and 4, we can see that males can't like 非诚勿扰.


Paradox: some people on chinese-forums.com like 非诚勿扰.


Given our indisputable premises, it is indeed surprising, isn't it?

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