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  • 1 month later...

Hey there. I'm another longest student of OUC. Started from E ban long ago, and currently doing Masters here. In the future will write more about doing Masters here as a scholarship student or self pay as well. For now, my course is in Chinese and my major is Chinese modern literature. Its alright, considering that I'm still don't know any novels to recommend for reading, I'm doing well to learning more about it.:) And week ago I've had successfully done all my exams, which was something completely different than just a regular Chinese courses or if you doing bachelor in Chinese. More about it in the future.

P.S. Thrice12 is sitting next to me, so there is no need to say Hi to you.;)

P.S.S will be really nice to seeing here some musicians in next term. Especially a drummers.:)

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Part one.

Okay, it's me again. As I promised, a little more about Masters in OUC, and i guess the most of the part of China. The Rules are equal to any candidates. Basically all of them were well described on English version of OUC page, and on C.U.C.A.S web site also. All I can say is - 60 to 70 % is your luck. And, it's also depending on major that you are pick. Mine wasn't that popular, so I pointed on that. And, main reason, of course,  was just increasing my Chinese. Cause I wanted to study equally with Chinese people. Learn more about them, as nation, there behaviors, when they choosing to continue they studies...let's says, I have my own profit from that knowledge I want to get from doing Masters. :)

So, you have to be a Foreigner, indeed, must holding a Bachelor degree or equal one. If you have it from Chinese University like I did, so I will suggest to take an year of break, before you applying for Masters (we are talking about Scholarships now), For some reasons, (I don't know why) they rather to take someone, who have been graduated from his own country first, and then, they are looking for those who have been studying in China. Any way, it has to be an year of break. ;)

For self payed, much easier - Money. :) If you are about to be graduate this year, let's says - July 2014, without any papers that can prove that you are have  degrees, or you will have it at that time, you CAN'T apply for study Masters in September 2014. Dead line is a March 2014 always. Point is, if you are about to study by self pay in this year, get some papers to prove them, that you are about to graduate (it's include your school marks for 3.5 year of studying) before March 30th 2014.

Once you have got all papers, and you have already send it to the office, be patient  for there answer. Sometimes it took a while. I received my first reply in the end of April, beginning of May, that University approved me as a Candidate.( as I heard it's 60% you have got it). And, I'm guessing the official result is out in July...Never get any other conformations, cause I was here all that time. But, normally first is April to May, and the second is June to July. 

That it for now. 

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  • 4 months later...

Hey, I applied for OUC's language program and they said I'll be receiving my acceptance papers in a couple weeks. I'm still waiting to hear back about CSC, but I cut it pretty close to the deadline so I doubt I'll get it this year. So I'll most likely be in qingdao this fall. I'll be in the beginner's class since my Chinese is abysmal. I studied Economics in Chengdu for a semester a year ago but I plan on staying a bit longer this time. Looking forward to it!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi TyO!!

I've been studying here for two semesters! first in level B and this semester in level C. So next semester i'll be in D (although i'm not a hard-worker so my chinese is a bit crap, specially speaking!!!)

I guess you already received your application papers and maybe got your Visa done!! i also hope you finally got the CSC!!


About booking a room in the main building...

When i first came here it was a few days before the registration days started. i hadn't booked a room or anything but i did talk with the guy that was preparing my application papers and he said that everything was ok and that i would have a room reserved. So when i talked with the girls at the reception desk they were trying to find my name in many papers but i was nowhere. Of course the guy that prepares the papers is from the office at school, and has no relation with the dorm.  But still i was lucky to get a single room in the sixth floor. Of course there might always be the option of getting a double or triple room if there are no single rooms left.


Also one of my friends did write in the application papers the type of room he wanted etc etc and so he thought that would be enough. But of course not. He came one day later than me and they said that it was already completely full. So he ended up in a triple room.


The best way in any case is writting an email or calling the dormitory. And still maybe you have no guarantees...

I'm still in Qingdao (and i will stay for another semester) so i can ask them.


From my experience i've learned that many times you just have to insist. Sometimes they say that the dorm is totally packed but then there are empty rooms... maybe they have them booked for peolpe that in the end never comes or people that will come a few months later. So i think you can always insist and try hard until they "give up".

I don't know how was your experience in Chengdu but at least here you have to fight for many things and end up being more troublesome than the initial trouble...


About the private bathrooms:

actually they are quite nice. In my case i live in the 6th floor and the rooms here hasn't been refurbished but still they are fine. It has a shower (with the hole in the ground), a toilet, a washbasin, a mirror and a small shelf.

Last semester we had a timetable for hot water so that was super bothering. But a few months ago they decided to fix that. So now you have hot water 24 hours. Also, at least in my case, i almost had no water-pressure in the shower but a few weeks ago they also fixed that, and now it's not only good... it's awesome!!!!


The rest of the floors are in most cases refurbished rooms, so the bathroom is separated by opaque glass instead of walls and the floor and wall tiles, the toilet, shower and washbasin are all new!!!


i hope this information helps you!! i will ask about booking the rooms!! so i'll write son!!! :D

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  • 4 weeks later...


Sorry for the delay!! You can't book rooms so the only way is arriving to the dormitory and asking for one!! the last week of August is registration time so most of the people will be arriving to Qingdao and getting rooms!

About me... Actually i've been having a great time in Qingdao this past year and that's why i'm staying for another semester!

The city is great and i have very good friends!!! The only bad thing i can say is that winter is too cold for me!

The thing is that Qingdao is kind of windy, which in summer is great, but in winter... Ahhhh!

Hope you already have your Visa ready!! See you! :)

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Hi Zhuli!! I've been studying in OUC for 2 semesters!! At first i also arrived to Qingdao

with my HSK3 done! So i also thought i could apply for C or D!

But i actually applied for B!

The day you register you will have the opportunity to check the grammar books they use on each level! And that's when i decided to choose B class! Although i had already studied some stuff for Hsk3 i found that books of C class were super hard. Vocabulary from hsk5 and 6. Each unit texts are long and the theme is complicated... Also in C you have writting class so you have to be good with hanzi. And specially hard is Kouyu and tingli. I did study In B Class and tingli was ok. But in C class it's like whaaaat?

So take into consideration all these! Also, it depends on how much effort you will put! So in your case it might be perfectly fine to go to C class!

That's a bit of a problem in OUC! Between B and C class there seems to be a gap!! Then jump from C to D it's ok!

Qingdao University's language programme does have more classes, so there's like an intermediate level between B and C levels!

Anyway! You will check all that in registration days! Better take your time while looking at the books, and also ask the teachers there if you aren't sure! You can always change class once they start but it's more troublesome because you have to go to the office on certain days to change class and also change your books etc!

Good luck! :)

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I really need to check on that. I have been studying Chinese at my German University for the past two years, I need to go to OUC in order to get my BA. My professor usually focuses a lot on reading/writing. He wants us to be able to read newspaper articles after returning to GER. On the other hand I want to focus on kouyu...

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If you are used to reading and writing then you will probably be ok in C class! Even if kouyu-tingli class is "hard" it might help you improve faster!

In level C kouyu and tingli are together in the same lesson. Meanwhile in B level they are different lessons. So in B level kouyu you get to talk more inclass etc

Many people also combine OUC classes with private teachers for practicing kouyu. You can also try to meet chinese people but in most cases you will end up doing exchange classes chinese-english. Also other people leave the dormitory and live with chinese families.

In any case you can check all this when you get to OUC, check the books and talk to the teachers!! And as i said before... You can always change levels. Actually officially you have the first week of class to go and check the different levels so that you can decide and change! But there's been people changing half-way! It's all quite flexible, so no need to worry!!

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Ah! I forgot... The problem is if you need to attend the exams (scholarships etc): mid-term and finals! Then you should decide on the first week and stay in the level you choose for the whole semester so that you attend classes, do homework and the exams. Of course they check attendance.

In my case and some other people, i haven't done exams. Just a few mid-term exams. So in these cases you could change levels at any time or as some people have done, you could go to, for example, level B grammar and level C kouyu -tingli...

You can ask teacher's about all these!

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When are Mid-Terms? Thing is i am going home for christmas (my grandpa bought me a ticket), on the other hand i need to attend Mid-Terms because i got the CI scholarship. I don't worry to much about meeting chinese people to talk to, my former host-family lives nearby. Their niece is also studying at OUC. I may just check out the different classes. Is there something like a formal/business Chinese course?

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