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What is missing in Chengdu?


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You've been living in Chengdu for a few months / years now and have got used to the way of life, know the places to go, what's happening around town and can direct newcomers to your favourite music venue, dog beautician, etc. You've even found a little stall hidden in a little known market that sells great and cheap fresh avocados.

But what isn't in Chengdu which surprises you? After all, "You you can buy / watch / enjoy / almost anything in Beijing or Shanghai - so why isn't it available in Chengdu?"

A great Chinese restaurant with a decent English menu, a local foreign bar/restaurant with imported beer, cheap eats and sport on tele. A favoured brand of peanut butter, fresh croissants. Wheat bread.

In short, if you were an entrepreneur catering to the growing amount of foreigners (or local Sichuan people with growing expendable income) in Chengdu, what kind of shop / restaurant / service would you open?


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A great Chinese restaurant with a decent English menu

;) :P :blink:

.... decent English menu; British sense of humor, I guess...

I do agree on the bread part; They say it is available, but

hard to find. The Danish shop I found was expensive, and the

bread was no better than what you get from the Chinese shops.

One shop was quite OK actually, but I didn't write down the

address. It is near the television area (shops). Two windows

wide, in a side street. Very friendly woman. Very clean shop.

I am not sure why anyone would like to watch sports on TV,

let alone when you are in Chengdu.

For entrepreneurs; anything with "imported" in the ad will

sell, since more and more Chinese people prefer to buy "the

real thing" (and not some crappy imitation).

When I first arrived in Chengdu, I hated the place. After a

few days I didn't want to leave (but had to, since I bought

a non-refundable return ticket)

I will be in Chengdu later this year; so if anybody has found

a bakery (European style); please share the info... Thanks :)

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They do have a metro system...very usable too.


I see that was posted in 2012, the metro system has been really expanded in the past three years and shall be expanded much further in the next three years.


Warm regards,

Chris Two Times

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How is the selection at the Underground Pub near Sichuan University?


I think the selection was reasonable, but nothing British, unless they had some kind of special guest beer at some point. I rarely bought beer there anyway, unnecessary 老外 prices in my opinion. Nothing wrong with a bit of 青岛  for a fraction of the price! Unless of course it's a treasured local favourite that I recognise from home, in which case I'd be willing to stretch my budget, heh.

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Yeah, I drank there once. It was all right, but I did find the prices to be a bit unnecessarily inflated, hence, drinking there only once.


Actually, now that I think of it, I don't really recall any British beers on offer there.


Warm regards,

Chris Two Times

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