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Hi jsut thought id show you some of the pages out of my GCSE chinese txt book (UK) i think there really nicely laid out and really appealing! :D

Lesson 1 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v324/nathanuk88/ChineseBook-Lesson1001.jpg

Lesson 15 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v324/nathanuk88/ChineseBook-Lesson15002.jpg

Lesson Review http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v324/nathanuk88/ChineseBook-Review003.jpg

There you go, just thought you might be intrested in how uk schools learn chinese. This book is provided by the biritsh council!

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Hello all,

Just been :wall because I want to learn Chinese with traditional characters, and I also want a GCSE book (for the UK), so that I can simply practice some words I've forgotten to write, and then take the GCSE, because I can read almost everything at this level and my speaking is way ahead.

The EDEXCEL awarding body do their GCSE exams in both types (traditional and simplified), but they also only offer their own text book in simplified characters.


So, I do have a copy of book 1 Shiting Huayu which I've leant to someone, (and I cant remember who) :wall.. is this appropriate material to get myself a GCSE or should I be getting somewhere harder than this (because I think I know nearly everything from that book too), or should I be getting kuai le han yu with the traditional characters or WHAT?


Thanks! :mrgreen:

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I would recommend that you start looking at the A Level Chinese stuff...more of a challenge and way more useful than taking a GCSE. If you can already understand all the GCSE stuff (characters, listening & speaking) the A Level shouldn't be too hard. I saw the papers...the speaking is easy but you need to prepare an essay on a special topic given in the syllabus and read literature (poems/novels).

Hope you find what's right for you soon!

Take care


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I think this is a very good idea. Thanks!

Maybe I will buy a couple of the GCSE text books just to practice my writing (which is dire by now), or do you think the A Level ones would be even more useful??


PS: Thanks to the mod for moving this here.. I looked for a GCSE thread and found nothing!:oops:

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I wouldn't bother too much with the GCSE stuff---get the "Edexcel Chinese for AS Level: Student's Book" and concentrate on the AS first...A2 next year. Are you actually going to take the exams or do you just want to practice?

I'm living in Bj at the moment but i may take the AS exams this summer if the timetable suits.

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