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Yeah, if it's comics I can probably handle it, but the writing stuff (i.e., the captions) and the audio quizzes are a bit too much for me for now. I'd have to spend a half hour just trying to match all the speaking with the transcript before I felt comfortable enough that I knew what they were saying before I could think about answering questions. Although that's not a bad exercise....

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Giving you my opinion on the difficulty of the lyrics-based-challenge. I thought it was not too bad because it didn't require that you understand all of the lyrics; you just had to know enough so that you can recognize them from the song. The other thing is that I listen to a lot Chinese music and watch a lot of Chinese TV shows so that could have made it easier for me. But, I've never heard of this song (I'm more into the slower sappy stuff).

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The 中文挑战 idea has been gestating in my head for a long time. I used to go to a Chinese study group in the town where I live. It didn't exist very long so I didn't get to implement very many of my ideas, but I wrote them down and now they go on the blog.

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I think I made a mistake in the challenge #8.


I know that 颗 is a measure word for small, round things, so isn't the bubble in question too large? For example, you wouldn't ever say 一颗篮球, I think.

So, in this case, I should probably use 个, right?

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