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looking for people experience who already study in Nanjing


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Hi all !

My name is Diana. For now, I'm 20 years old. I know it's an old topic. But I would like to know about the environment around Nanjing because I'm planning to study in China after I graduate to learn Mandarin. Is that Nanjing have a good environment for study (which is I prefer to study in not-so-city like Beijing and Shanghai) ?I also think about other city like Chengdu or Sichuan. How about that ?

And which one better : Nanjing University or Nanjing Normal University ? or are there other universities to study Mandarin?

Is Nanjing dialect like Beijing dialect ?

How about the dormitory? Which one better live in dormitory or rent an apartment ?

But because the economics, I'd prefer more cheaper one :D

I'll appreciate any suggestion for you !

Many thanks


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Steve Chou

HI, Diana,

Nanjing Unversity is the best University in this area of Jiangsu Province, but it is more expensive relatively. Living in a dormitory is much cheaper than rent apartment by yourself. Nanjing is one of the most beatiful cities in China. Nanjing had been six dynasties in ancient times. Most important the people there is more considerable than other cities cause I had been living in Shanghai. I hope this helpful to you!

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Hello Diana,

I have been here for two years, and I feel the environment is very good - however I have not lived in the other cities you mention, but having travelled I personally feel Nanjing is better then Shanghai or Beijing, but it's hard to truly tell without long-term stay. It also depends what you mean by environment, if you mean air quality and the like, it maybe very much the same - however the other cities higher populations would suggest not. If you mean surroundings, personally I feel Nanjing is generally nicer, more trees (not including Shanghai's euro district), less people, other then peak hour, less traffic and generally efficient public transport.

Nanjing University maybe considered the best university in jiangsu, and one of the better ones country wide, however I am told constantly - Nanjing Normal University is the better choice to study Chinese, this comment comes from Chinese people, foreigners - students of Nanjing Normal University or otherwise.

The Nanjing dialect is not like the Beijing dialect, not sure of everything regarding the Beijing dialect but they certainly don't sound alike, and as far as I am aware are completely different.

The Nanjing University foreigner dormitory is a hotel, it's not bad overall, if you live on the shared bathroom floors the 'quality' is going to depend on who else lives on the floor. Will warn you, the hotel is freezing in winter (but most Nanjing buildings are), don't know about any of the other university dormitories. The dormitory for nanjing university is not too expensive, but not cheap either, you could live outside for less - how much less depends what you consider okay - cheaper is further away, and/or low quality, living with others will further lower the cost. If you can not speak chinese - choose the dorm, until you have friends who can help you with the language, otherwise it will be hard to arrange to rent - and you will not really know what is happening, or how to solve any problems.


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hey there

I studied one year at Nanjing University and I really love Nanjing. The environment is great and I would go back there anytime. I was not really impressed with teaching at Nanjing University, but I do guess that this has to do with the fact that I am just not used to the Chinese style of teaching in general. The second part of the year I rent a flat and this was much much cheaper and my apartment was pretty big AND cheap. It is a little bit of a struggle to organize everything on your own, but if you are serious about studying Chinese, this is exactly the way to go. I improved so much just because of all that organizing stuff for my apartment, etc...

ps: it is usually pretty easy to find an apartment in Nanjing...and if you are going to an agency, it is very well possible that you can already go and see some flats after just 2 or 3 days). There is a small agency very near to Nanjing University. I can definitely recommend you going there. The woman there was MOST HELPFUL and very very friendly. She deals with foreigners every day. She's an amazing person.

If you got any more questions about Nanjing and studying there, get back at me any time :=)

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Living in a dormitory is much cheaper than rent apartment by yourself.

In my opinion, That is NOT true at all. I would be really interested to hear why you think like that :P

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hey roddy

I can definitely do that. It would be nice to have a structure that I can follow thogh..what points are of major interests? I will be happy to share my experience.



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ok, that's exactly what I am talking about. When I got some free time, I will try to sit down and write something about my stay at Nanjing University according to this "guideline".

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I would really like to know more about Nanjing Normal University. I've heard that it is great place to study Chinese, but I'd like to know how good/bad are dorms and living costs.


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Hi there,


I'll be going to Nanjing for Chinese language education for a semester next March and I can't decide whether to choose Nanjing University or Nanjing Normal University. Do both have central locations as I wanna teach English while I'm there as well so for getting around, convenience will be quite important. 


And what about the quality education,which one would outweigh the other in terms of level of teaching?


And which dorm is a better one for single accommodation?


Also are we allowed to arrive there earlier than the commencement of the semester?


I'd really appreciate your precious comments. 

Thank you in advance:)

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