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I'll use this as my topic for Pimsleur words I can't figure out. I looked on Zhongwen and couldn't find it.

The sentence sounded like..

Wo2 dei3 shi1 pei2 le.

I have to excuse myself

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For multisyllable words / phrases that you know the pronunciation for but not the characters, typing them into IME and seeing what options you get given is useful.


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我觉得很正式啊,一般都是在很正式的场合,大家不熟的情况下才说的。要是好朋友之类的,一句 “先走了”就搞定了。

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Pimsleur has a few words I've never heard on the mainland. The other big one is their insistence on teaching 美金 instead of 美元. I've only had one person ever use the former, and they were trying to rip me off.

Anyone know how mainlanders say 失陪 colloquially? I just use 不好意思 or 我得走.

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Another great resource for looking up characters when you hear a word is DeFrancis's superb ABC Comprehensive, Highly recommended. And just below or above what you try to look up will be all the same and similar tones, so even if you heard it slightly wrong, you can check all the def's at a glance to see which looks appropriate.

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