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Hormone legal status in china


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Can anyone elaborate on the legal status & availability of anabolics such as testosterone & growth hormone in China?

Are they available over the counter without a prescription like in Thailand?

If so what is the typical price range?

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Last year a friend of mine bought some of this stuff. He used it in China and I think he used Taobao or something similar. If you do a quick search in Taobao you will find Testosterone and much more. I remember that the seller sent to him a postal package with the goods but honestly I don't know if he bought it in China or Thailand...

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With all the scandals about pretty much everything (food, pharma, milk powder etc) produced in China you would have to be a brave (crazy) individual to take something like that here. Its one thing drinking a bottle of bad milk but injecting/ingesting bad HGH ouch.

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I'd take my chances with vitamin C but not with something like Human Growth Hormone or Testosterone. Say they get the mixture wrong and you get a higher than usual dosage of vitaminC - ok not a huge problem, say they get the mixture wrong and you get a big dose of HGH - could really mess with your body.

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With the manufacturing cost, I doubt they will put too much in there, if not too little.

And even within guidelines, the doses can go up a few times higher later according to response.

For your interest, HGH made in China is not licensed to be sold in the US (due to patent issues), but is the most illegally imported HGH to the US market...

Well, enough said. It's your money, your choice. Just like some people insist to see a "western trained" doctor in China, whatever makes you feel good when it comes to your own health. :)

Back to OP's questions.

You do need prescriptions to get these in China, theoretically. But how the diagnosis and prescribing are actually carried out, may vary from hospital to hospital.

As for the cost, testosterone is cheap, as it is easy to make and not protected by patent. For example, 40mg of testosterone undecanoate capsules twice a day will probably cost just 200 RMB per month.

HGH products are much more expensive. It will also vary a lot depending on the dosing regimen you choose as well. It comes in many different brands. Say if you go for G brand made by P company, and you are getting 80µg per kilo per week, then you may be looking at about 1500 to 2000 RMB a week, much more expensive than testosterone...

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