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A non native English speaker wants that Job !


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China should grab all opportunities to accept all kinds of English teachers from any part of the globe. Job creation can only succeed if China has English speaking citizens because the only way to increase growth and accomodate a teeming labour force is to attract foreign investments and these can only be done by an efficient workforce knowledgeable of the English language just like Singapore. Who knows China might steal the jobs meant for other Asian countries because of a large English speaking workforce. I like China to succeed.

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Can a non-native speaker of English actually get a Foreign Expert Certificate? I am also not sure if my post-degree experience is adequate. I graduated in August 2011, so is it ok to apply in early January 2013? (the logic being 2011+2=2013)

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I wanted to clear something up. There's no requirement that I know of that you be a native speaker from a particular country. I personally know a German woman that's having no trouble getting work legally. And I know that the last school I taught at had previously had a Kenyan woman teaching there.

That was Changde City in Hunan Province and the officials there seem to be more strict about requriing proper qualifications than some other parts of the country.

Now, some schools do hire only for the face that having a foreign teacher brings and those schools aren't likely to hire a non-native speaker unless the teacher can pass for American or British.

A bigger issue in my experience is age and gender. People in their 20s and 40s to 50s seem to be preferable to those in their 30s often times. And many schools have prejudice against western men because of previous bad experiences. So, being in ones 30s and male may cause some trouble at some schools. But, like the rest of it, it really depends on which school and where some are more focused on pedagogy than others are.

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