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Anybody here studying 篆书?

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It seems to me that studying 繁体字 together with 篆书 is going to be more productive/fun. Just like many 简体字 are so corrupted that their components no longer make any sense, many more characters also got corrupted in transition to 隶书/楷书 (e.g. 保 is originally 人 + 子, a man carrying a child on his back, thus the meaning 'protection'; 青 is originally 生 + 丹, etc). When studying characters, it's very important for me to break down the components and study the character's etymology (e.g. did you know that 麦/麥 is the 本字 for 'come', that's why it has a foot at the bottom, 来/來 was the original character for 'wheat', it's a pictogram, the characters changed places because 'come' is a much more common word, so the character with less strokes was chosen for it), this makes it a lot easier for me to remember the characters. Yeah well, with this study approach I inadvertently learn a lot of 繁体字, so I figured why not go the full way and learn some 篆书 as well. Not to mention that it's very aesthetically pleasing and is a good way to impress your Chinese friends.

I've found an introduction to 篆书 here. It explains basic strokes and stroke order. Then there's of course 说文解字 and computer fonts derived from it (I can recommend 北师大说文小篆). There are also some calligraphy videos on 优酷. Any other resources you can recommend? Any books to look for?

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If you are not yet aware of it, you may be interested in the Chinese Etymology site. The explanations are not necessarily the clearest or the most complete, but the pictures are great.

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