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Black case work, what does it mean exactly?


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Yeah, it looks like a word-for-word translation of 暗箱操作. I'm pretty sure it's not an actual English term. Literally 暗箱操作 could be translated as "black-box operation", but the connotations of "black box" in English are not negative (unlike 暗箱操作).

One translation given by a Chinese website was "backstage deals", which I think is somewhat close. "Backroom deals" would be closest; it specifically implies grey or illegal dealings.

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I think the translation would depend on the context. 暗箱操作 is the act of secretly and illegally altering the way something develops or happens, e.g. election results, winning lottery numbers, share prices.

This sounds pretty close to fraud to me. Fraud, i.e. unethical and illegal manipulation/deception, that's hidden from public view since the organisation is a "black box" from the outside.

Different cultures and languages classify concepts in different ways, and I guess this is one relatively small example.

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