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Mandarin Core 2000 anki deck

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Can someone direct me to a shared Mandarin anki deck or spreadsheet that is roughly

equivalent to Core 2000 for Japanese? All I'm looking for are

2000-3000 simple sentences using the highest frequency characters/words. If

it makes a difference, I plan to do Mandarin to English only. The

format should be

Question: Mandarin

Answer: English & Pinyin

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Olle Linge

Do you want 2000-3000 words or sentences? Or both?

You can adjust the format either way you like, provided you find a deck with facts you want to use.

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These are the ones I know of:

1. The "all FSI all NPCR misc chinese sentences" deck. This contains sentences from the FSI language course, the NPCR textbook, and other places. A few sentences/translations look slightly dodgy but overall it should be okay. 3.7k cards, some of them inverse pairs.

2. The Tatoeba Chinese sentence database (get it from the Tatoeba website), which someone sent me a deck version of. Tatoeba is a crowdsourced sentence database. There are a few dodgy sentences too, but on the whole it should be okay (and the vocab isn't difficult). 1.8k sentences.

3. The 20k sentences HSK deck v.2, which covers all the vocabulary of the old Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi. This was auto-generated and so contains quite a few pinyin errors and stilted/anachronistic English sentences, but it's helpful because it's classified into progressive vocabulary levels. Many sentences are repeated multiple times; if you want to remove the duplicates, you should do it all at once at first. It takes forever to suspend dupes manually (I should know).

Together they should be a lot to chew on. 1 and 3 can be found in Anki's shared decks repository (via the File > Download menu).

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In addition to creamyhorror's useful suggestions, you might want to have a look at the Mastering the Chinese Characters decks (IIRC based on Smart.fm Chinese materials) which can be found in Anki's shared deck repo as well.

Ten decks are arranged in ascending order of difficulty and include characters (s&t), sentences, and audio (from native speakers). Downloading and combining decks shouldn't be very difficult, and I'm sure the good people of Chinese-forums would be willing to help if you run into problems.

Combining all ten decks results in ~15k items, so a bit of pruning may be in order. However, you could probably get your 2-3k sentences out of the first four or five decks with the added bonus of knowing there won't be anything too obscure.

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I've combined the 10 'Mastering' decks as scoff recommends and I like it. One of the few decks with decent sentences with audio I've found. There are some duplicates in the decks.

A bit of a warning though. Some sentences are translated quite liberal and/or seem to be translated from a context that's not provided. If you start from zero it may sometimes be tricky to decide whether mismatches are due to these liberal translations or due to the fact you missed something in the sentence.

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Is there a way to let the pinyin toolkit recognize which items from those decks are from the HSK vocabulary lists when displaying the graphs?

Not in Pinyin toolkit itself but there's another plugin called Hanzi Stats which can be useful for this. It basically scans your deck for unique characters and gives you some stats on how many characters from each HSK level you have/don't have, and which these are - whilst simultaneously doing the same for some character frequency lists. There are two versions, one aiming at new HSK, so go for the 'New' one as it basically provides the original plugin with additional data.

There may be problems at first using this at the same time as Pinyin Toolkit but can be easily fixed. Check out the thread here.

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I'm not aware of the combined deck being available for download. Mine is modified in such a way that there's little use in sharing it. I thinks it's best to download the decks you want and then to combine them. Combining is done by opening 1 deck and then importing another deck through file, import

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have a look at the Mastering the Chinese Characters decks

I downloaded the first deck, and it took a long time (maybe 15-20 min; I have a slow connection right now). It had well over 1000 cards, but only about 300 sentences. So I deleted everything but the sentences, which look really good. I didn't care if there was audio, but that was kind of nice. I did about 20 cards as a trial, and I like it. But then came the problem. It took about 15 minutes to close my anki session (I'm synchronized). I thought this was just a "first synch" issue, but when I did it today, same issue.

Question - will deleting the audio fix this, and if so, how do I do it?

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The 20k sentences HSK deck v.2, which covers all the vocabulary of the old Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi.

This deck downloaded in a flash, but it's just too big. According to the wiki, there are 2865 characters and 8840 words in the old HSK structure, so I would expect a deck with about 8840 sentences. Although I understand the advantages of having 3 sentences per word, I would much rather get the triplication in normal reading. Trimming this deck down to 8840 would probably be harder than just creating a new deck. Anybody know of a trimmed down version?

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Good news - I did a "media check" on the Mastering deck I downloaded, and that fixed the speed problem. It now takes me 10-15 minutes to trim down and clean up a deck for my purposes, and it synchs immediately, so I think I'll go with these. I got 321 sentences out of the first deck, so I assume ithere will be 3000 or so for all 10.

I've combined the 10 'Mastering' decks as scoff recommends and I like it.

Silent, is there any way you could run Hanzi Stats on your combined deck? I'm curious to see how many characters, and how much of the HSK is covered.

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Hanzi stat gives only the number of characters in the cards studied I'm not aware of a way to run it over the entire deck. For me the counter is at nearly 1700. I studied deck 1 entirely, deck 2 partially and a bunch of sentences I added myself.

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iKnow has announced a Chinese Core 2000 deck, but unfortunately I am not a customer so I cannot comment on its quality.

There are also five decks called "Chinese Media Lesson" available from the Anki Shared Decks downloads. They seem to be very similar to the Mastering Chinese Characters decks, covering different levels:

Title: Chinese Media: Lesson 1 (with audio and image)

Tags: smart.fm chinese traditional mandarin audio

Size: 34513.55KB

Uploader: None

Downloads: 1187

Modified: 8.0 months ago

This Goal is designed to help you review over 300 basic words that you studied in first-year Chinese. All the items in this Goal are essential building blocks for both written and spoken Chinese.

Deck imported from: http://smart.fm/goals/35430

up to:

Title: Chinese Media: Lesson 5 (with audio and image)

Tags: smart.fm chinese traditional mandarin audio

Size: 25715.81KB

Uploader: None

Downloads: 186

Modified: 8.0 months ago

Here’s the final Goal in our series devoted to comprehending modern Chinese media. When you finish this course (and the other four!) you’ll have mastered 1220 important words and expressions.

Like Chinese Media: Lesson 4, there are many specialized items in this course specifically related to news and society.

Imported from: http://smart.fm/goals/37344

Level 1 has around 600 Sentences covering those 300 words.

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Hanzi stat gives only the number of characters in the cards studied I'm not aware of a way to run it over the entire deck.

The plugin offers this option, but it is hidden in the configuration file. :D

In Anki -> Settings -> Plugins -> Plugin Folder you can open the file Hanzi Stats (Inofficial 081a).py (not .pyc) with a text editor to change the plugin to show all characters. These options are a few lines below the introductions comments:

#  Choose between Simplified (0) and Traditional (1) characters.
#  Toggle counting new cards (1) or not counting them (0)
#  Give file address if you want additional characters to be considered as learned
#  e. g. FILE = os.path.join(mw.config.configPath, "plugins", "known_hanzi.txt")
FILE = ""

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David Lloyd-Jones

Does anybody know where the Mastering series of Anki cards have gone to, or are downloadable from?


Just as they were getting really good, poof, they vanished from the Anki site.


I'd appreciate a reply to my e-mail, but it would be useful for other people to know here too.


Many thanks,



[email protected]

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The Mastering/Chinese Media are all gone. I guessing it was a copyright issue. However there is still a giant merged deck on there called "Chinese Sentences and audio, spoon fed". Currently the highest rated deck. All the example cards are the same as those in the Mastering/Chinese Media deck so I'm guessing it's the same thing. No doubt that will be removed soon too (if it was a copyright issue).

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