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By analogy from BLCU, not a single penny. You don't have a housing allowance, you have take-it-or-leave-it free accommodation. Can't confirm about Tsinghua, but I'd be surprised if it's any different.

updating your wrong information: Tsinghua releases 5000 yuan/semester for full scholarship students who live off campus. got confirm today

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Hi guys,

Yes i have been admitted too. I am waiting on my application package and i understand from previous threads etc that you are directed to a website and pay and enrol from there.

Look forward to getting over the Beijing. When are you guys arriving? I have booked flights to fly into Beijing on Feb 1 to enjoy the full Chinese New Year celebrations before class starts.

Would like to hear how others are going re accomodation as i am really hoping to get into student accomodation.

Chris from Australia.

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Hey guys,

I got a postdoc position in Tsinghua.

My host lab proposed me to get an appartment on-campus but I wonder whether this is a good place to leave for my family. They told me appartments for postdoc are good but from my experience in China I have some doubts about what is "good". My son is 3 years old so I'm a bit concern about that.

However I've ear the kindergarten is great.


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I don't know about the post doc apartments but the International Student Dorm rooms I have seen are just fine. Well heated, cleaned regularly, fairly new and not particularly worn out. TV, wardrobe, toilet works, showers etc. I don't live in dorms but most of my friends do. I've heard no real complaints. The hot water for showers is only on at certain times of the day though.

I guess your situation is different as you have a family. Most of my friends are in single rooms with own bathroom or a single room sharing a bathroom with a couple of others. The rooms are small but they are dorms after all.You could always ask them to send you some pictures OR try to find someone who is currently living in the apartment to ask about it.

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I'm sorry but I don't know. Are you hearing negative things about "International" student dorms or in general? There is a big difference.

Your profile says that you are already in Beijing. Why not just go to Tsinghua and ask to have a look?

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Ah great. Well I set up this place - altho there's not many of us, probably under 5 at http://tsinghua2013.chatango.com. We could do a get together or something from there instead of in the thread.

But yeah, I heard they still take in early check ins as long as you provide details (whatever's that's supposed to come in the box). Gonna just head to the dorm straight right after touch down I suppose.

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Hi guys,

Ive also applied for the Spring Semester in Tsinghua, and have just received the package. :)

There is this one line I couldn't understand (under the dorm application system) and was hoping some of you would:

"For the new students who check in just one week before the registration time on the admission notice, we charge as favorable room price.

For those who check in before over one week, we charge normal room price for the days ahead of time"

Registration is Feb. 18, monday.

Therefore those who check in between Feb 11-17 get the favorable price.

Whereas those who check in before Feb 11 get the normal price?

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Yeah, I think it means that if you are there just one week in advance you get the room at a reduced/cheaper rate. If you are there earlier then you would pay the full/normal rate for the room...whatever that is.

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Hello everyone and g.shao

I have studied at Tsinghua last semester, and lived off campus, while 80%-90% of the students lives on campus.

Reason i am living off campus and will stay off campus is that i enjoy the "luxury" and comforts of a real apartment and not to be too much in this University bubble/atmoshpere all the time.

I have considered going on campus after my first semester, because it is a bit cheaper, and you will have much more contact with fellow students and its easy to meet people and hangout.

Downsides are the limited hours of hot water, outside guests (or students who dont live in your building) cant stay after 11 o'clock in your building, no kitchen.

I think only socially it is nicer to live on campus because you just see and talk to much more other students when you go to class, or go to the canteen for dinner or whenever you leave your building you have big chances of bumping into someone that you know.

The dorms are mixed, male and females, but it is quite quiet and there are no parties as far as i know. there is a common room in the center of each floor but those are mainly used to study, officially you are not allowed to have dinner there but it obviously does happen a lot.

The quality is quite decent, there are some youtube movies of students showing their room, it has the basic stuff that you need, bed, desk, shower, bathroom, sink, airco. also they clean your room every few days.

For living off campus i would suggest to come mid-febr to start looking(during springfestival it might be a bit difficult but i am not sure), you can find something within 2 days because, you can look at 4-8 places per day, and then choose where to live.

you can get a single room in an apartment which has no living room (but then might as wel live on campus ( i think) for around 2000-2750rmb

room in a shared apartment with livingroom, 2500-3500rmb.

It will all depend on location and quality, but wudaokou is fairly expensive for chinese standards because of all the universities and foreign students.

I live in huaqingjiayuan which is a compound right next to the subway and next to the main bars and restaurants, so this really is the best place (locationwise) to be.

Just look at a map see where your university is and which compounds are nearby.

BTW if you want to have an on campus room i think you need to book it within 12-20 hours that they open their booking website otherwise the rooms are probably all booked already. To be sure book the room within 10 hours that the website is open.

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