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Nothing much seems to be different in comparison with the earlier descriptions.


Classes are still of the same format, the dormitory is still on the east side of campus, quite an isolated place.


Chengdu is good, in my opinion. Apparently the place has developed rapidly in the past few years, there are medical students here (mostly Nepali, Indian etc) who have been here up to five years, who say the transformation is quite major, e.g. new subway lines etc. I think at least one new line is due to open very soon too.


For social life etc, there are a few frequently visited bars that most foreigners go to. There's a good amount of Chinese people going to these bars too, but of course they're mainly there to mix with people in a 'western' way. There's Wow Bar, which, as of writing this, does free beer EVERY NIGHT from 9pm-10pm. This has been happening since long before I arrived in September 2014, I have no idea if it'll ever stop or not. Also, Wow bar is quite good in that it has an equal mix of Chinese people going who are not just there for the 'western' thing. It all still feels Chinese enough for it to not be trashy or wasteful. Ok it's not the best place to have a 'real Chinese experience', but hey it's in China and is better than the alternative night out, which is to do nothing..! Aside from that, there are several clubs, all quite similar, the only differences being in that some are 100% Chinese in style, in that it's mostly tables/booths and a tiny dance floor, whereas a couple of places do offer a larger dance floor. The Chinese:Foreigner ratio is still very, very high, so no matter where you go, you're gonna be able to quite comfortably have the 'I'm in China' feel.


Oh actually I've just remembered there are a ton of other bars and clubs, which are so heavily frequented by foreigners that you might as well not be in China if you go to them: These bars are - Jellyfish, the place next to Jellyfish (sorry I forget its name), Magma, Tag, Hakka, Sports Bar, Shamrock, Beer Nest. I don't really go to these places often, if at all. Still, they're there if you want. 


The university has a thing called 'English Corner' every Friday evening at about 7pm, where you can go and just talk in English to students and willing locals. It's sometimes fun, and you can make friends there who will be happy to help you learn Chinese. Sometimes English Corner is a bit annoying though. I don't mean this at all in a derogatory way, but the best description I can think of is that it is sometimes like flies around shit. You may find yourself swamped. It's fun though, if not a little OTT at times.


Not sure what else to add really. The campus is huge, and very beautiful, in my opinion. In winter it became a little drab and miserable, but not too bad. It's spring now and everything is really, really nice again. The weather is bearable for me. Almost too cold in winter since there's no heating here, but overall it was fine. I'm yet to properly experience summer. There was a freak heatwave last week which gave me a taste of it - humidity, mugginess etc, which wasn't nice, but still not that bad really.


Oh the worst thing is that a lot of us have to share a room in the dormitory. I guess it's a normal Chinese thing, but frankly for a lot of westerners it isn't normal, and so it's hard to get used to. Specially when it's just two people to a room. I think I might actually have preferred a room of maybe 4 people. Then there can be some level of group dynamic. Sharing a room with only one other person is a bit weird. It's like they're forced to become a family member or something, you have no private time or whatever and just need to get along with them. I personally HATE it and will be glad when it's over, but it hasn't detracted from my overall experience. I've just adapted and am happy that it's not forever, haha.


Any more questions, feel free to ask.  :D

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Hey guys, I was asked to share some of my views on Sichuan University so here goes!


I enrolled at Sichuan University a year ago having begun my Undergraduate course in Chinese Language. The grading system here goes from 初级 (Elementary 1,2,3) to 中级 (Intermediate 1,2) all the way up to 高级 (Advanced 1,2,3,4). I am now in 中级二, which means I have another 2 years here before I graduate.


As a whole, I enjoy my time here at the University but to be frank, as this is my first time attending University in China, I have nothing else to compare it to. So as such, I will just touch upon some of the main points:


Teachers: I feel the teachers here are very qualified. Many of them speak multiple languages and have been abroad, thus understanding some of our culture. They are all kind and fairly easy to approach, and of course do not hesitate to correct your mistakes when you speak to them. 


Classes: The classes here are varied and cover a broad range of subjects, from Calligraphy to Folk Culture. Along with the variety, class numbers can vary a lot. Some of the more optional classes would see the minimum of 5 students, while the compulsory grammar classes can receive up to 30! (I have 21 in mine). I feel they need to manage class numbers more as it really slows it down for everyone. The classrooms are fairly basic and I wish they would get some new furniture and equipment in, especially since we are paying far more as Overseas students. 


Exams: I feel the exams could be improved and moderated better. Some students cheat, some students manage to get some leeway in having some few minutes to continue writing. But on the whole I find them challenging, so challenging in fact that I failed one of my previous semester's exams (I retook and passed)


Campus: Sichuan University has three campuses, I live in the oldest campus - 望江 (wangjiang) where all the foreign students studying at Chinese attend classes. Atmosphere is pleasant, everything worth going to is fairly close by and easy to get to - everything we as foreigners could ask for really. Locals are already used to us and no longer stare at us for being foreign.  I like this campus, but I hope in future they would tidy up a little, it's a massive contrast when compared to the Southwest University of Finance and Economics, the other main University here in Chengdu.


I think this sums it up fairly well, if you would like any more information feel free to let me know!  :)

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I've read somewhere here that at Chuanda you can rent a fridge? Can anyone tell me how easy it is to get one? I'm a diabetic so I need a place to keep my insulin.


Yeah you can, I think they have limited amounts though.


Just tell them immediately when you arrive. Since it's a medical issue they'll surely give you priority too.

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i am from Indonesia. on 1st July i got my mail replied by contact person of Sichuan University saying 



glad to tell you that you are admitted by our school, congraduation to you. we weill send the acceptance letter to you, please keep contacting us


but until now i haven't received any documents yet. i am afraid this could be post problem or something. glad if any of you (especially who has been accepted for master degree in Sichuan University) can give me any info regarding this. thankyou  :)

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Congratulations.  Which course will you be studying?


Which person emailed you?  Your best bet is to reply to them with any questions you have.


The people in the admissions office at Sichuan University go on holiday on August 7th.  So that will be the absolute latest date that they will send any materials out.  They then will start processing residence permits on September 1st.  You should be able to move into university accommodation from August 20th but that will most likely be indicated on your acceptance letter.


My advice is, if you haven't already, email them asking if they have posted your documents, and if so, when?  If they haven't posted them, ask them when they expect to post them.

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i apply for Master Degree in Communication

thankyou for your advice and info :)


actually 2 days ago i have sent them email asking whether they has sent my documents or not. they replied that they already sent my documents and ask me to wait.

it was Ms Zhou Yanmei who sent and replied all my emails. i will wait until next monday, if still not receiving maybe i will try to contact her again. 

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TEL: +86-28-85407199 (English)


This is the 'English' number from the international students section of their website. You could be brave and call them, they all can speak English in there!


And I have no idea why everything in this post is highlighted green, but I think it's fantastic.

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