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From the admissions office:




However, it appears that this is a shared room, so I might need to spend the time between August 20th and September 1st looking for a place off-campus.

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Hello everyone,


I would like to apply - through the CSC - for a Master's programme at Sichuan University, preferably Strategic Management. I've been told the programme is taught in Chinese, I will therefore have to go through a preparatory year of Chinese first. Is anyone else also applying for a Master's taught in Chinese? My level of Chinese is very low, would that affect the chances of being accepted?


Regarding the CSC, it says on SU's website to only put SU on the list when going through the process. What if I don't get accepted? Am I not allowed to put two other universities in the list to increase my chances of going to Chengdu next year?


Thanks for taking the time to read this. If anyone is in the same situation and applying to SU for next semester, please get in touch!


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Personally I don't think it should affect your chances. If part of the scholarship says that students with insufficient Chinese skills will be given a prep year, then they're already aware of situations like yours. In my class (elementary) there were several people on masters programs just like that, starting out with zero Chinese ability.


I actually won a Chinese government scholarship and mine was the same - study anything in China and have a year of language prep beforehand. Sadly I'm already doing a degree back home so I just took the 1 year language tuition then headed back. I could have stayed for a full degree or masters if I wanted to though. My absolute ignorance of Chinese was not a block at all.


Regarding the 1 year prep - It's enough to get up to HSK4, or dare I say HSK5 if you really, really, really go for it, but it would take some mega commitment.


I got to HSK4 and that's what's required to be allowed to continue on and do non-language courses in Chinese. Only a tiny handful of people in the elementary classes got to HSK4 though (even some of the masters students didn't get up to standard...). You can't just turn up and assume one year of classes will automatically grant you the necessary skills. You need to work at it.


Good luck!

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Thank you for the quick reply. Very much appreciated. 


I think I am ready to start applying. I still have a few questions regarding the application process though... Can I apply for several universities? On SU's website, it says to put Sichuan University only on CSC website. I want to live in Chengdu next year and would like increase my chances of getting the scholarship, therefore applying for different schools.


Any people that have received the CSC and are willing to share their experience on the application process? Do I have to register through the SU platform and then fill in the online form on the CSC website?

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Have you applied only through the CSC or have you sent your applications to one of the three universities as well? I figured that if I applied for the University I want to get and receive an Acceptance Letter, it would be easier to then get the scholarship... What do you reckon I should do? I really want to move to Chengdu in September.

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I just applied through the CSC website and I didn't contact SU at all.


I used the application process on the CSC website and did it all from my own home, apart from the bits I needed to post to the Chinese embassy in London.


After acceptance, I then got a letter from the Chinese embassy which I took with me to China, and took to SU on my arrival day to show it as proof that I am 'me', according to their list of expected students. 


Personally I wouldn't apply to SU first. It could result in you not being granted a scholarship, it'll look like you've gone ahead and secured a position for yourself so why should they give a scholarship if you've independently applied to be there anyway?


Hope that helps  :D

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Sorry, I don't know much about the other unis. I'm not sure if I'm biased but I'd say Sichuan Uni is the best. It's a top ranked uni in China and, aside from that, it's in the centre of the city and has great location for general lifestyle. All the other unis are in slightly less vibrant areas.


I don't know much about getting acceptance letters. I'd have thought the acceptance letter was more beneficial for obtaining a visa. I know a lot of idiots get student study positions then use that to get into the country and work...

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I think one factor is if you're a scholarship student or a paying student or whatever else.


I was a scholarship student and I was put in a shared room.


A couple of other guys were there as part of a year abroad for their degrees in their own country, and they both had their own rooms - maybe their university negotiated this, I don't know.


I met another guy who was self-funding and he was in a shared room (even though he was paying for it himself! And it's not the cheapest place to live around there, that's for sure!).


I know this information isn't very useful but it might give you an idea on he circumstances people had when I was there 1 year ago.


If you're paying for yourself, I would definitely try to arrange a single room now. If you're on a scholarship or any other thing where you aren't having to pay, then I think you'll just have to take what they give you.

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