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Hi all, I though I could share my experience about the dorms in SYSU here, maybe this is repetitive but I think some people are still confused so here goes: there are 4 buildings that the international students could stay in the South campus:


1. 103 (Yao Ling San) - located near the Dong Men (East Gate), this building used to be a hotel before converted into dorm for international students.

>> I stay here during my study in SYSU

>> the curfew in this building is not as strict since it's specially for international students, but there will always be an aunty or uncle manning the front desk. U have to fill the guest book if u're visiting a friend there.

>> The occupancy rate is almost always fully booked, U have to arrive the earliest during the registration day and head straight to the dorm booking room to have a chance to stay at this dorm.

>> It has the most spacious rooms. High ceiling. 8 floors, 8th floor are for single rooms so singles rooms are very limited. 1st-7th floors are double rooms

>> It has lift, yay, no need to carry your luggage through the stairs!!

>> the bathrooms has seperated shower space, and a seating toilet so it could be a dry toilet.

>> Each rooms has AC

>> U have to recharge the electricity card on the nearest recharge machine to use the electricity on each room, I feel like the electricity cost is more expensive here than the other building

>> U just have to walk all the way back towards Xiao Bei Men (small north gate) and u could find a pretty big minimart (SKL mart), bakery, stationery shop, mail shop, tailor, etc, so it's pretty convenient for me. The XBM was filled with food stalls and restaurants too!!

>> If u have a bike, it's very unsafe to leave it in the dorm's parking area, so many bike has been stolen esp. around the chinese new year/ other big holidays. I recommend u to store your bike inside your room.



2. 351 (San Wu Yao) - located behind the SKL mart in between Dong Men and Xiao Bei Men (XBM).

>> This dorm is the strictest in terms of curfew and visitors allowed since it was a mixed dorm with the native students, there will always be an aunty or uncle guarding the dorm and scolding students in the lobby, if u go home late at night (more than 10 pm), chances are the gate will be closed and no guard will be around to open it for u.

>> If u register on the second or third day during registration periode, chances are u will have no choice and have to stay in this dorm. 

>> The rent is the cheapest here, so if u're on a budget, this is an option u could consider

>> The rooms are equipted with bunkbeds, so u sleep upstairs (?) and ur study desk is downstairs (?)

>> No lifts, so you'll get to workout everyday climbing up n down the stairs to get to your room.

>> I heard my friends said that their policy is to fill the high floors first before opening the lower floors, U can get the lower floors by giving excuses (e.g: broken legs) but be convincing about it, LOL!

>> They have fan, but no AC (at least at my friends' room)

>> The bathroom is a wet bathroom with squating toilet

>> I heard my friends complain about the hot water here, they say the hot water only runs on night time? I forgot, but yeah, u have to schedule your shower really carefully esp during winter

>> located behind the SKL mart, just accross the parcels square, nearest to XBM, has 3 student canteens nearby



3. Building #1 and #2 for international student (Yi Hao Lou and Er Hao Lou) Located near the South Gate (Nan Men) which is the main gate of the campus. This dorms are operated by the Zijingyuan Hotel.

>> The curfew and security is not strict at all, everyone could visit you rooms freely and u could go home at whatever time u want, they have someone manning the receptionist desk all the time but they don't scold u if u go home at dawn.

>> The rooms are equipted with special keys so don't loose the key as the replacement fee will be quite expensive

>> They have a lot of single rooms and double rooms but usually the occupancy rate is high so u have to book early through the hotel (not through the school)

>> It has lifts too.

>> It has common kitchen area but no stove n pans, so u still have to bring your own appliances if u wanna cook

>> It also has common study area

>> It has a bicycle shed near the lobby so it should be safer to put your bike here, but some people still loose their bike here sometimes.

>> The bathroom has seating toilet but it couldn't be a dry toilet since they dont separate the shower room from the toilet room. The condition of the bathroom is better than 351 but worst than 103

>> The rent is almost the same with the 103 dorm

>> Located nearest to the teaching bulding, so u can sleep 15 mins longer if u stay here

>> Located nearest the Xiao Xi Men (Small West Gate) which is an option to have your meal.


That's all I could remember about the dorm buildings in South Campus, feel free to ask me anything and I will answer as best as I could ^^

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I'm searching for complete lists of courses offered at the university:

  • Example: UCLA's course list for Chinese department http://www.registrar...HIN &funsel=3
  • No course descriptions necessary. Lists of titles are sufficient. 
    (I'll take whatever I can get)
  • Primarily interested in lists for liberal arts - foreign languages, sociology, literature, history, international relations 
  • No MOOCs, no incomplete 精品课程 lists necessary. 

Is there anybody at Sun Yat Sen that can link me to some sort of course list? 


What I've found for the other schools (which for Sun Yat Sen is nothing) just isn't complete enough! Would be eternally grateful....

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  • New Members

hello everyone !

I'm planning to study one academic year non-degree chinese program I'm just waiting for JW202 and Admission note to apply for visa they said it takes 1 month by airmail . I'm just asking if someone has and idea about courses schedule , also if optional course are free or we have to pay .

I hope I  get friends to be in touch before going to china it really helps 


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You won't know your class schedule until a day or 2 before classes begin. Unfortunately it's one of the last things they tell you. But typically you will have classes in 3 and half hour blocks, either am 8:55am until 12:25pm,or afternoons 2:25 until 5:55pm. Each day could be different, but in my experience it is 3 days at morning or afternoon, 2 days the other. If there are many classes at your level you may be able to switch to a better schedule of your liking.

For other classes you take, you don't need to pay extra except for book materials, if any.

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Hi everyone, 


I've registered for the upcoming semester at SYSU as a self supported non degree language student. I'd prefer to live in the dorms for the sake of frugality, but the documentation sent by the school explicitly states that non degree students aren't allowed on campus housing, which contradicts the information given previously in the thread. I just want to double check with any previous students that this is a new policy, instead of this always being the case on paper and not practiced in reality. 


I'm also wondering if anyone knows if there's any leeway on taking the placement exam, as I have some rudimentary Mandarin knowledge as well as the basics of reading and writing Chinese characters and pinyin. However, I never sent in any supporting documentation regarding previous Chinese experience. 


Last thing - I need to convert my x1 visa to a residence permit within 30 days of arrival to China, but I don't have a place yet; I'm staying at a hostel for my first two weeks. Does the residence permit require a rental, or is the hostel kosher? I know I'll need to redo the temporary residence form regardless when I move from the hostel to the rental property.  


Thanks for the help! 

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The SYSU questions I don't know about, but the hostel will be fine. The only potential hassle is that you'll probably need to obtain a slip either from the hostel or the police station saying that you're properly registered and give that to the university for when they handle the residence permit application. 

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Yes, I do believe they have changed their policy that degree students have priority over dorms.  You might be able to still get a room once all the degree students are fully registered, but it does seem because the international dorms never have had enough capacity they are limiting them now.  I have no idea why the school doesn't build a new dorm, very ass-backwards forcing international students to have to scramble to find a place to live upon arrival, with limited language skills.


As far as placement, you probably don't even need to take an exam to get put in a higher level, you can just ask the advisors at registration day or afterwards to switch to a different class level.  There probably is an exam you can take during the 1st week or so to get the correct placement, but I've found teachers are pretty lenient moving students around to where they are most comfortable.

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Sorry for the late update, I was a bit preoccupied with settling in to life in China. Anyways, SYSU has closed down their non degree language program and kicked all the foreign students out. It was a big surprise to everyone, including the teachers I think. It seemed like they were kept in the dark regarding the details as well. 

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12 hours ago, Mulch said:

SYSU has closed down their non degree language program and kicked all the foreign students out.


oh wow! that's quite radical! didn't they have some scholarship students? did they refund the application fees?

did you find another university to study at?

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I believe the scholarship students were all in degree programs, which weren't affected by the cuts. Only the international students in the non degree language program were affected. I'm pretty sure everyone paid on a semester basis, as I signed up for one year and also only paid for one semester. 


One of the administrators sent out a document with alternate schools to attend - I forget the specifics, but one of them was Jinan. They have some sort of program in place where transferring SYSU students can get a scholarship from Jinan depending on how well they did in classes. I know some of my classmates are headed there, and I'm probably going to join them. 

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