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Dear Kate,

                 You are very welcome. Please ask any questions you have because other people may have them as well.


#1 There are two networks you can sign up to. They are China Mobile (中国运动/zhong1guo2yi2dong4) and China Unicom (中国联通/zhong1guo2lian2tong1). Most of the students on campus will tell you to buy the China Mobile sim card but they are only saying this because they get a free one when they enrol at the university and so most didn't compare the price. It's interesting that they have different price as they are both mostly state owned enterprises but I'm sure they have their reasons. I got China Unicom. They offer great packages on internet. In China you almost always just use the internet for we chat to communicate with your friends. I'm not sure I called anyone even once. If you need to call anyone you can still do that on unicom or you can just use a public telephone box. If you need to call home you can use Skype or buy an international phone card from phone venders to use on a public phone. 


You should buy the sim card in Jinan if you will be using it in Jinan. I was told that if you use the simcard in a different area from where you bought it calls will be more expensive. For example if you make a one minute call in Jinan it will cost 10rmb, but if you make  the same call to the same person for the same amount of time except you call from Shanghai it will be more then 10rmb. Maybe someone else can confirm this as I didn't read it from the Unicom/Mobile websites as I'm not that fluent in Chinese. Though I did find this to be true.


#2 There are no fridges in the common kitchen. And if there now is, don't use them. Many people would buy pots and pans for cooking and then a week later they would go missing. If you want a fridge (or pots/pans) maybe its best to just keep it in your room so that you can keep it. Also if you buy a fridge, probably buy a very very small one because one friend had a huge fridge and it warmed up the room so much. Also the rooms aren't huge so you don't want a big one taken up all your space.


#3 Please ask lots of questions so everyone can see the answers. Also my answers are just from my experiences so they are not necessarily right. Also I left in July 2014 so things may have changed since then. I might return in the 2015 Australia summer/Chinese winter so if I notice anything has changed I will report that to.


Hopefully I've been helpful.


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Hi all,

I am going to study in Shandong university for masters degree...

I have two simple questions now.


1) Are there any courses of Chinese language for foreigners? I will study in English, but I would like to learn Mandarin too....

And is Shandong dialect really so different from standart Mandarin?


2) Is Jinan really so boring city? I know it's quite small city. I am looking for some sport activities in the nature in my free time. If I see the google maps, it looks like there are some forested hills to the south of the Jinan. Is there possible to mountain biking or jogging?

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and another question:

How is ordinary school day? is it same at every Chinese university? I heard from some my chinese friends, that their daily schedule is quite strict. Start around 8am, after noon long break for lunch and than again abot 4hours of lessons. Is it same for foreign students? Actually it's quite strange for me as a European, it's more like high school :-?

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Hey @xit I will also be doing prep classes at Shandong University. I'm eager to know what living conditions would be like. There are a few notifications up on the university website, describing where some prep students would be staying and other things. idk if u saw it >>> http://www.istudy.sdu.edu.cn/en/?c=content&a=list&catid=267

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Good day everyone. I have applied for Ph.D program at Shandong University since early last year but haven't heard anything from them. I applied for CSC scholarship also. The application status was ' in progress'. Please, I need someone who can enlighten me more or perhaps check for the possible updates for me at the admission office. I look forward to your quick response.

Thank you.

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