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Anhui Normal University


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This topic is for discussion and reviews of Anhui Normal University. Accommodation, courses, on-campus facilities and activities - anything to do with Anhui Normal University goes in here. If there's a lot of discussion about any one particular topic we might split it into a new thread and leave a link here.

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We have one member who studied there a few years back - have sent them a message, hopefully they'll be able to give you some info. If you can come up with some specific questions that would be helpful.

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Hi, i have been in soochow daxue last year (stayed about 6 months), according to my internet research Wuhu seems a little bit diffrent and smaller than Suzhou. So i am wondering about Wuhu city is there a good atmosphere for foreigner? good method of learning chinese? please what about the accommodation on the campus (international students dorms) do you have an idea because i am also apprehensive that.

thank you in advance for your time :)

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Well, I have never been to Suzhou, so I can't make comparisons.

Wuhu is a small city; it's easy to get around just on foot.

The dorms are pretty nice. Expect a big room with a balcony. However, the policies are a little strict. The main doors will be locked after midnight. Sucks when you're coming back from a Shanghai weekend trip and arrive on campus a half hour after midnight -- gotta stay out all night.

The foreign students on campus are almost all Korean and Vietnamese. I only knew one Westerner the whole time I was there -- a friendly German guy. He might still be there -- he really loves Wuhu.

Wuhu is a decent place to study Chinese, but I found the teachers did not give students much opportunities to express themselves. There's not many chances to speak, and my presentations were literally censored a few times.

The townspeople do not speak standard Chinese. They have a strong accent but are understandable. Locals are pretty friendly and rather outgoing but not open-minded. Everyone there is into a routine, and you'll have trouble trying to break them out of it. I couldn't find anyone willing to travel or go hiking with me. Everyone there just wants to play basketball or practice English with you, if you're white.

I spent most of my weekends in Shanghai, where I made many friends and had lots of good fun. I thought of it like this: Study in Wuhu, Play in Shanghai. It worked out pretty well. I left after I took the HSK, though.

Hope this helps you.

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Well, the city is all right and foods are OK. It is true that there are not so much going on in the city though it has been opened as a treaty port in 1876. Teachers there are very nice. However, most of them did not know how to interact with students. Maybe this happens in other universities as well. Also feel that the school tends to separate the students from the rest of the community, maybe for the sake of students' safety. This does not help students to have some immersion experience with the city. 

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