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This topic is for discussion and reviews of Ningbo University. Accommodation, courses, on-campus facilities and activities - anything to do with Ningbo University goes in here. If there's a lot of discussion about any one particular topic we might split it into a new thread and leave a link here.

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I think I can use this thread for my question, I strongly consider NU as a place where I want to study.

I've been thinking about studying International Finance or Business Administration.

Is anyone studying/studied at Ningbao University ??

I'm looking for some information about this programs and about Uni in general.

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hello spock,

I dont know İts too late for saying or not.

Last spring term, I was exchange student in ningbo university. It was quite good. Actually, I just've been to learn chinese. However, I tooke some ba classes.

Firstly, The english taught ba is okay. But The teachers english sometimes arent clear. Because of the accent. If you wanna graduate at nu, you should take hsk 5 the last year of university.

I think rent a house is more better than the room. My friends in there rented a house the same money as dorms money. maybe renting a house price a little lower. The water and electric fee is up to you.

Dorms are depends on you I mean single or double. A style room is bigger than B. and B is more smaller. but Its okay. I just stayed 4 months and living the dorm is okay.

ningbo people speak ningbo dialect. Because of the dialect sometimes you cannot understand their mandarin. The foreigners are not much. I guess its good thing to develop chinese.

Students in university are so cute and helpful. You can be easily friend with them.

One more thing is ningbo is small city. And sometimes you may be bored. cuz there is not much thing to do. But it was wonderful time when I was there. I missed there.

Anyway,if you wanna ask me something, I can help you

good luck!

greetingd from Turkey!

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I've just got Zhejiang Province scholarship to study MBA Master degree at Nigbo University. Maybe someone here could tell what kind of international students are at the university? Are there any students from Europe?

Could you tell something more about this MBA program?

I also have a question about the scholarship. The only information is that it covers 30 000 yuans. Do you know what it may cover exactly (maybe tuition?)?

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I'm planning on going to Ningbo University (not Nottingham) next spring. I am going there to take a full semester of Mandarin courses and I am super excited! Can anyone tell me about the likelihood of practicing Mandarin with the students there? I know the city of Ningbo uses the ningbo hua dialect. Also, could students who have gone there (or are currently attending) give me some advise on activities to get involved in on campus? And, is it possible to find time to travel to some of the major cities in China during the semester?



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Hello guys.

I'm planning to study International MBA program at Ningbo University next year. Can you tell me a little information about learning chinese there?

I think I will learn chinese too while studying MBA. Is Ningbo dialect will make it harder to learn chinese as daily conversation?

Thanks for the answers.


Greetings from Indonesia!

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