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Zhejiang Normal University


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This topic is for discussion and reviews of Zhejiang Normal University. Accommodation, courses, on-campus facilities and activities - anything to do with Zhejiang Normal University goes in here. If there's a lot of discussion about any one particular topic we might split it into a new thread and leave a link here.

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BrianUS: Well, I have a broken washing machine 2 filthy fridges and 2 clean fridges on my floor. Actually, the doors of both fridges near my room do not shut properly so everything inside is room temperature from time to time...

We definitely don't have bathtubs; we have shower heads near our toilets. And I've never seen such spacious dorm rooms as they show in the pictures on the website...

Gato+Menglan: Actually the classroom instruction is pretty darn good; one of the university's redeeming points. Some other good points are 1) there aren't many foreigners in the city so you get lots of Chinese practice and 2) Prices are cheap, including housing etc.

It's unfortunate that I have to post so much negative material, but I just hope that any future students are less shocked on arrival than I was... ;)

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There was quite a long thread recently about an African student with HSK 3 who was studying for an accounting degree with Chinese students at this university. Accepting someone with HSK 3 into an accounting degree program taught in Chinese is not something every university would do.

Why would anyone want to go there? What's Jinhua (金华市) like?

Well Jinhua ham is China's answer to proscuitto or jamon.

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HI!!! I just won the csc scholarship in Zhejiang Normal University one year chinesse language and 3 years MBA taught in chinese.

iam pretty confused and dissapointed, i didn't get the scholarship in any of the universitys i apply for, i apply for a MBA taught in english and this one is taught in chinese (i dont know any chinese and i I'm not sure if one year chinese language study is enough to be studying a MBA fully taught in chinese) and second i was looking for a 2 years master not a 3 years master, i think thats to long for a master and speding four years in china only studying could be to much.

And third Zhejiang normal university is not ranked any where, can any one tell me please if they know something about this university and if it is a good one for an MBA.


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Anyone's going to this university this coming semester? I just won CIS scholarship there. None of my friends is going there. And I don't know anyone in my country is going there. So I'm kinda alone and lonely haha.

I wonder if the university can accommodate me before the arriving date (just for a night). I e-mailed the university but they haven't replied me yet. :(

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Hi everyone, I am considering to study in this university next semester as well, I would like to know how is the accomodation, management and convenience in there. Is there anyone studying there now or have been there lately?

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Hello everybody!
Sorry for late reply.
I'd reccomend you guys this university. I'm making bachelor here, so I dont know much about Chinese language program. But I had chance to join Chinese language classes first 2 weeks in the University. And It was really nice. Almost all of the teachers are kind and friendly. And I like the way they teach a lot!

Talking about the environment, there are many foreign students here, but it's China, you always have chance to practice your Chinese. And there is very interesting and useful activity, 汉语加油站, which there are a lot of Chinese students who will help you improve your Chinese everyday.

The university  is quite small, there're 3 canteens. Most of foreign students often eat in Beimen walking street which is in the university area. If you're a muslim, you won't have problem with food at all. There are many Muslim foods here.

The city, Jinhhua is quite small, but you can find anything you want here. There is no metro. But it's convient to travel by bus. There are 2 bus lines from the university to the downtown area. Living expense here is quite inexpensive.

Dorm is pretty nice, 2 persons a room. I consider it pretty large. Anyway the rooms are different. My friends who are studying in Chinese language have smaller room with smaller beds, but still it's nice. there is kitchen and laundry room every floor in the dorm.Cost of utilities are quite expensive. you have to pay before using it.

what else to mention? raise some question, I'll always be ready to help :)

Welcome to 浙师大!

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