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This topic is for discussion and reviews of Donghua University. Accommodation, courses, on-campus facilities and activities - anything to do with Donghua University goes in here. If there's a lot of discussion about any one particular topic we might split it into a new thread and leave a link here.

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James Garrison


This is dated, but owing to the lack of info on Donghua, here goes.

I spent the fall semester there several years ago, and I took the advanced level evening class. Three nights a week, 3 hours each class. One teacher for two nights, another teacher for the final. Text was the second highest level in the BOYA Hanyu series, the purple one. We had another book too, sorry but I've forgotten the name of that. The classes were okay, with a bit of speaking, bit more reading, not much writing (except during test times and for homework) and plenty of listening. We listened to CD's from the text and answered the corresponding questions in the book. I have to say that both teachers were pretty good, and they made an effort, but the students were mainly Korean and Japanese, and there were nights when hardly anyone showed up. A couple of times it was only me and another student. Hard to build and continue useful discussions that way, and if the lesson plan called for group work, the teachers would have to improvise. This seemed to cheese them off a bit, understandably so.

At the beginning of the class, we told one teacher we wanted to speak more, read/listen to CD's less, and she made an effort to incorporate our suggestion. I would suggest Donghua for those who are on a tight budget - it was cheaper than Jiatong, SISU, or Fudan. At that time (2005) private schools were not a plentiful as they seem to be now. If I remember correctly I paid 5000 RMB for the entire fall semester, and another 100 or so for registration and books, this was a fulll 3 grand cheaper than the other unis. About my classmates: most of the students were working, and they kind of just showed up a lot, sometimes enthusiastic but sometimes just tired or like potted plants. I wanted lively conversations and spirited classmates, and I might have done better by studying in the morning (when the student body was much younger on average) but I was working too.

Campus is on Yanan Lu, underneath the freeway, pretty centrally located - I walked there from work (my office was near nanjing dong lu near the big park) and after class I walked home to Jingan temple, so as far as location it can't be beat. I have noticed that on this board there is a lot of talk about how universities don't give enough opportunities to speak that much, which I agree with, but what needs to be said is that if the class is full of people who have to be prodded to speak and who halfstep through the exercises, things won't get very far. When at all possible, sit in on a couple of classes at the school you want to attend, even if that means you miss the first week or so of class in order to see what the environment is like.

For me, I used the poor attendance to focus the attendance on myself and the remaining students, which was great for my improvement. I would give Donghua another chance, but I would try to go in the morning.

Dated, yes, but hope it helps someone

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Does anyone have any more recent information/experiences about this evening course? Or is anyone else starting it now in September? I just started working here, and miss studying Chinese too much! I would also really like to learn some more business-specific vocabulary. The lesson plan sounds really interesting, especially for the intermediate level (which is my level). I hope it's not as you mentioned, that people don't turn up and generally aren't very enthusiastic. But I guess you never know before the course starts! Anyway I've sent my application, and now just have to pay my application fee.

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Studied Chinese language there too. Morning classes, intensive course. Attendance was good, the student body comprised of:

- Students preparing for HSK (to enter degree courses)

- Housewives

- Retirees

- Graduates who have just moved to China and are looking for a job so they're just looking to learn a bit of the language while getting settled

That was the beginner class. There were much fewer people doing intermediate and advanced. That was also a while back though. There are so many international students at DHU.

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Anybody have any thing to say concerning the quality of their experiene and the education they gained? As opposed to who is showing up to class...

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I am going to take chinese classes for spring semester march 2017-july 2017. I am just interested in listening , speaking and reading, writing is not my most concern. Speaking is the most. Got the admission letter. Now just visa in process. If anyone else going to take the same semester please stay in contact at +92 321 888 9191

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 Anyone starting Donghua university? Chinese language course in september 2019 maybe???  
Btw did you guys get the dorm rooms at Donghua how was it!?? I got type C, the 3-4 shared group room, anyone have experince of it???? 

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