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This topic is for discussion and reviews of Tongji University. Accommodation, courses, on-campus facilities and activities - anything to do with Tongji University goes in here. If there's a lot of discussion about any one particular topic we might split it into a new thread and leave a link here.

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Hi GaoMeiLi, thanks for posting in here. I've just emailed the posters above to invite them to come back and offer some feedback. 


What will you be studying? Do you have any specific questions?

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It's my first post here, so I wanna say hello to everyone :)

I recieved Confucius Institute Scholarship and will be learning chinese at Tongji, starting from Semtember. 

I have a few questions, I hope some of you may help me and answer them :)

1.Is the department of chinese language good in Tongji? How big are the groups, etc.?
2. What about facilities on campus, are there any? Like gym, swimming pool or such.
3. What are the prices in the student's canteen? Is the food good there?
4. Are there many international conferences held in Tongji?
5. What countries do foreign students mostly come from?
6. Is the smog problematic on campus? I mean - do you feel that the quality of air sucks, or that is not really a problem?
7. How is the accomodation for foreign students like? Do we have single or double rooms?
8. Are there any food markets around campus?

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Hey Guys I am accepted at TU with Shanghai Government Scholarship (Category B). But still have doubts about my JW202. It shows that something like that:


1. Source of Funding : Scholarship

2. Financial Support will be provided by: (My fathers name and company is written)

Any help would be appreciated.

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Since there is no update on the topic, here is some info:

I've been studying at Tongji for the last 2 years. 

First one spent on Chinese classes - was satisfied. Groups from around 15 people, but of course depends. Classes usually every day from 8 til 11:40.

The classes are held in the International school - if you live in the Zhangwulu campus it takes around 20 min by walk.

Dorm number 4 in the Zhangwulu campus is the international one. It has double rooms, a bit small for my taste but ok, with a private bathroom.

Theres also kitchen on the floor, which means there is a microwave and a cooktop. 

Around the campus can find almost everything - there is a supermarket, fruit shops, lot of small restaurants... Zhangwulu campus is around 10 min by walk to the subway station

and it also takes around 20 min by subway to the East Nanjing road. 

The winter in Shanghai is a bit chilly for me, beacuse of the wind, but without any snow. 

The summer is really hot and humid, which makes it worse. 

For sure there are a lot of things that should be mentioned, so feel free to ask!

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Thanks for the information. I guess I will be staying at the sipping campus I don't know

About the international

Dorm but it says building one and I would be going for a shared one as you know they are offering me partial scholarship. Do you have any idea about the visa process. Is it

Easy. Will they be asking me about how to

Support myself or what. Any help would be appreciated.

If in case I get into Tongji please meet and guide me.


Would be a real help to me .

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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Siping is the main campus, and the international dorm is in building one :) About the visa - usually every year people from the entry&exit bureau come to collect all the documents, and in 10-20 days your residence permit is ready. 

But since there is a holiday between 1-7 october, maybe you would like to go for a trip and can do it personally at the bureau since it will be ready sooner, if there are not too many applicants. 

I will ask some friends, but dont think they will ask you how you are gonna support yourself. 

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I’m going to tongji university to shanghai and I want to study medicine there

I’m an international student and I would like to know how’s the campus? Are we in classes? How much are we in the class? 

If anyone do mbbs in tongji please contact me


thank you in advance 

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