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Thanks for the reply

I know the area quite well but never knew that the school did Chinese classes. could you tell me a little bit about your time there. What books they use, the size of the classes and where you stayed. makeup of the students and what you got out of it. My language level is low at this time.

Thanks in advance.


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Overall the classes were pretty good. The books were the usual BLCU ones, although they had a few that they produced themselves. One unique thing about the program is that they have separate pronunciation classes. Since they're a drama school, they have to standardize the pronunciation of some of their regular Chinese students; I think the book that we used was originally designed for that. Another nice thing about the school is that most of the students are not uber-gunners, like the ones at more sciences/humanities oriented schools, so there's a bit less of the "can I practice English with you?" crowd. And if you're into theater at all, you can see some pretty cool stuff, both on-campus and by making connections.

~ half the students were Japanese, another quarter Korean, and the rest a mix. I was one of two Americans there, which was a nice change from my previous university. I stayed off-campus in a pingfang a few blocks away; the dorms are pretty expensive, so you might want to look into other options. Oh, and the other downer is that tuition's a few thousand/semester higher than most other places.

Probably more than you wanted to know, but I hope this helps.

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Thanks that is very helpful. I stay at backpackers just around the corner when I visit Beijing and have walked past the place many times not knowing they have a language section. I see they run a short term summer course. This seems to be the same price as most other schools. I think I may give it a go next time I am there as it is in a great location for the other things I do.

It appears from what you say you had a good time and got something out of it. Sorry to ask so many questions but what were your thoughts on the amount of work/pace like.

Thanks again for all your help


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Ha, I used to eat lunch there on my paydays...couldn't afford it otherwise.

There's a decent amount of work but, of course, there's no real way that they can pressure you to do it. I'd guess that maybe two-thirds of the people in my class would do the homework regularly. It would usually take me three hours or so, more if I tried to learn every single shengci.

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I just found this forum and am asking if someone has some recent information about the University. I really think about going there next year for two semester.


Anyone here to share their experience?

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