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This topic is for discussion and reviews of Beijing Foreign Studies University. Accommodation, courses, on-campus facilities and activities - anything to do with Beijing Foreign Studies University goes in here. If there's a lot of discussion about any one particular topic we might split it into a new thread and leave a link here.

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Hi guys~

I'm Korean about to go to BFSU as a finance major student.

I need to stay at in or off campus dorm.

but i guess in campus dorm will be better to go to take classes :)


I have 2 choices....BaiLou and 7lou...

These are double room, but BaiLou doesn't have private bathroom....means public bathroom..

price is...

BaiLou : 40RMB/day (public bathroom)

7 Lou : 75RMB/day (private bathroom)

I heard BaiLou is in West site, but 7 Lou is in East site...but i think my classes are in west stie....T.T

I can't decide between these rooms because can't get good information about them...

some people said private bathroom is too old/dirty to use..so public is better (cuz there are someone who clean it)

someone said public bathroom is too dirty....

I'm confused TT

Could you tell me how clean public/private bathrooms are?? or any information that you can share??

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Here is a map of the campus: http://lb.bfsu.edu.cn/BFSU-theme/images/forpic/xiaoyuanshiyitu.GIF

The campus isn't that large. If you walk quickly it'll talke you around 10 minutes to go the other side.

Both Bailou and 7 lou are at the west side. Gonglou is on the east side.

Last year I stayed one month at BSFU during summer and stayed in Gonglou (guojiao building in the legend on the map). It stayed in a single room with a private bathroom. The room was cleaned every week. The room as OK (after I changed rooms because the floor was always wet when it rained outside in the first room and killed all the bugs in the second room :-) )

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I lived in 7 lou on the west side, but there is definitely also a 7 lou on the east, I'm not too sure about it.

The building I lived in had pretty clean public bathrooms, and I imagine that the girls bathrooms would be cleaner than the boys. As BertR said, its about 10 minutes walking from bailou to the other side. Sorry I'm not of more help, I'll ask around to see if anyone I used to know knows about this.

However, if you are studying Finance, you will probably have more classes on the West campus than the East campus, so Bailou would be closer.

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  • New Members

Hi all guys!

I've got some questions about the BFSU' buldings. I know that Guojiao bulding is the best for every student, there are not so much restrictions, bathrooms seems to be clean enough etc. But i also know that Guojiao building only has single rooms and flats. I'm searching for a double room, and i would like to know if in the other buildings, where double rooms are present, there are any kind of restrictions, if common bathrooms are clean etc. Another question: does someone know if flats are for two or for more persons? The cost per day for a flat(for example 260 Y per day), is divided for every person or everyone must pay the full amount to rent a flat per day?

Thank you all and sorry for my english!

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Guojiao has both single rooms and flats , as well as double rooms. Bailou, like Guojiaolou, doesn't feature any restrictions. Double rooms at Bailou are bigger than the rooms at Guojiaolou, but the public bathrooms are smaller and also more dirty. In buildings like Liuhao lou this is even worse (plus restrictions like they close the door at 11pm, you can't bring anybody to your room for a long time, etc.) Furthermore, I believe the most expensive rooms (the 'flats', about 80Y/day) at Guojiaolou are for one person only, but I am not 100% sure. On West Campus you can apply for a 4 (or 5, 6) person apartment, although I heard living conditions in apartment buildings like number 21 aren't that good. The cost of an apartment on campus is 30 Y/day.

Hope this helps :-)


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Exchange students typically stay in either

1) Guojiao Lou (East Campus)

2) Bailou (West Campus)

3) Building 6 (West Campus)

4) Building 7 (West Campus)

I would say to avoid living in buildings 6 and 7 at all costs. I stayed there for 1 month and moved out immediately.

Whether you want to stay in Guojiaolou or Bailou depends on what you're really looking for in the dorm....

Bailou Pros:

- bigger rooms

- cheaper rent

Bailou Cons:

- further away from the gym, classrooms, canteen

- not as clean as guojiaolou but still very liveable

Guojiaolou Pros:

- "fancier" newer rooms

- right next to the chinese institute where we attend class

Guojiaolou Cons:

- much more expensive (ie: the amount you would pay for a single room with bathroom in bailou, is the same amount you pay for a tinier single room without bathroom in guojiaolou)

- noisy as hell...

You can probably tell I'm a bit biased as I live in bailou and love it... I'm staying in a single room without bathroom (we have shared public baths..) It costs 45 yuan per day. I'm aware that double rooms without bathroom in this building are 30 yuan per day.

Hope this proves helpful.


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I currently live in Beijing, and I am just looking to get some information about the school (mostly the application process).

I'm not sure if I can show my telephone number - 13466360129, but if the mod takes it out, please email me at thomasjo[email protected]

I have a lot of questions, and would probably like to come see the campus. For helping me I would GLADLY take you out for a meal of your choosing! Or if you don't know the city that well, I can pick a good place for you. I've lived here for two years, and I know it really well!

People who have been there longer are preferred, or anyone that lived in Beijing prior to applying would be great as well.

Thanks in advance!


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@ThomasJohnHickey, I've been here since August 2011 so I can definately answer at least some of your questions, although I applied through getting the CSC Government scholarship.

@Acidburn, do you mean the Chinese one or the one for foreigners only? I know a bit about both because I considered applying for the Chinese one for next semester

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  • New Members

I refered the English-taught program. If you could give me some information, you couald help me a lot.

Also I am more interested about the programs of Master In International Relations at Tsinghua or PKU. Do you know something about those programs?

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Acidburn, one of BFSU's nicknames is 'the cradle of diplomats', as many diplomats graduate here, so be sure to properly inquire about the programs offered here. The master's degree in diplomacy in English you referred to is called MA Program in East-West Relations. It lasts two years and is 'designed to be an academic training program for foreign diplomats. Hence, the program is seeking qualified applicants from foreign embassy and consulates for admission into the program. However, the pogram welcomes students with backgrounds in political science, international relations, or relevant studies to apply as well.' (From the brochure). The tuition fee is pretty steep compared to the average degree in China, 70,000rmb/year (+ living expenses, accommodation etc.)

For more information you can send an e-mail to [email protected]

A similar master's degree taught in English is called International Master of Arts in Contemporary Chinese Studies (Politics and Foreign Affairs), although diplomacy is not as much emphasised as compared to the earlier mentioned degree. Tuition fee and contact information is the same.

Hope this helps

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Hey everyone,

Do any of you know if any of the dorms are pet- friendly at BFSU?

I will be starting in september as an undergrad in the international business english program.. really excited about it..

also is any one familiar with the dorm cancellation policy ? at either guiyaou or bai lou ...

if anyone will be there after september contact me [email protected] or add me on facebook..

:) thank you all..

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hello karen ,

I will be arriving to BFSU on september and I was wondering if you are familiar of the international business building's location.(west or east )

I am trying to book a room but i don't find information on the dorm closest to it .

Thank you ..

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Is this topic still alive?

Anyway- I am interested in the Beijing Foreign Studies University, but it seems to be some disinformation.

Can somebody tell me why on this website (http://www.chinaeducenter.com/en/bfsu/bfsu.php) wee see a beautifull building that belongs to the University and here (http://www.admissions.cn/news/316807.shtml) we see something different.

Compare those two images:



They are supposed to show the same building, but the first one was sure modified well. Is that really a good university if its official building has to be photoshoped so that it wont scare new students off?

Next question- I understand that this is supposed to be one of the cheapest private universities (about 5 thousand $ for academic year), but this is not how university is supposed to gather new students.

I hope someone will see that or reply if I am incorrect.

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