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I'm currently a student at BUCM International English Bachelors program. Everything Bigtop said is 100% true, no exaggeration. He has basically already laid out most of the countless problems we face here. And the staff knows of our complaints and simply do not care to change anything.We are all so depressed and frustrated studying at this school. Trust us,  do not waste your time. Do not enrol in any long term course here. Do not believe the propoganda they have on the school website or elsewhere. Find somewhere better to go. Literally counting down the days til I leave this school. 

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25 minutes ago, Flickserve said:



That is fair. Anybody? 


On the other hand, this thread thus far makes for a shocking, sorrowful and maddening read. The horror stories described are hellish, even for a third-world developing country. Hence, the stories make for hell on earth. We are full-fee paying students who are not interested in diploma mills. I want to be armed, after years of struggle in school, to go out there and make a difference.


In any case, this thread triggered me into a mad scramble to find out everything I could on my destination Uni; everything from every result on Google and Quora and every video possible on Youtube.

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A friend of mine who doesn't share all of my opinions about the university has said she will reply here soon. I am hoping she does offer her thoughts.


There's bit more to say about posts defending this university, though.


I recently visited BJ for two weeks and had the opportunity to grab a bite with a great many of my old BUCM friends, quite a few of whom are still attending the university. A trusted friend told me that not only is the university administration aware of this thread, but that they have even started asking students to come here and "write nice things" about the school. When this friend needed to get a document stamped by some admin or other, they told ta* that ta should first come to chinese-forums.com and write a defensive post on behalf of the university. Fortunately, ta has been in China for a long time and readily stood up for taself, refusing to do the administrator's bidding, and ultimately prevailing. I write all of this to say that, if there should suddenly appear here gushing praise for BUCM, well...


*他她牠祂? Just making use of a l'il pinyin to protect my friend's anonymity.

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I would like to defend this University. I would like very much to defend it... There are a few good teachers in the office and at school... 😉

Unfortunately everything Bigtops describes is true and correct.

I was a dishwasher.

I was not allowed to ask questions.

I had to dig for answers by myself.

I had to learn tones of useless things for exams.

I had to learn much less useful things for clinical practice.

It killed the passion for TCM in me.

I was considering suicide.

I have heard about a few suicides at school.

I graduated despite of everything.

I found motivation and deep TCM knowledge elsewhere.

I had to struggle for month and month to get necessary papers after graduation, just because the office does not give a * about students.

And by the way, our job was to sort used needles and put them into a special box for autoclave disinfection without any personal protective equipment. The bedsheets were changed once a week while having about 100 patients a day in acupuncture department. No one would change bedsheets even after seeing patients with highly contagious skin disorders.

I hope that changed... 

If you care about your physical and mental health, I would recommend you to search for a better school elsewhere. Do not waste your youth, time and money. Live a good healthy life.


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On the contrary I'm sort of surprised that TCM can be taught in English (according to someone's comments but I forgot who). Those books are just not understandable for a native like me. 

btw I think the problem is also that, those majors mentioned, are no majors for chinese student (I think this the major problem.) 

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